Keep Up With Your Gum Health

caring for your gum health El Paso TXWhen you brush, are you making sure to go all the way down to your gums? Your gum health is a vital part of your smile maintenance, and if you are only focusing on your teeth when you brush and floss, you are at risk. Gingivitis can start to develop, and when this becomes periodontal disease, it can be a serious issue for the strength of your smile. If you are pregnant, it is especially important to keep an eye on your gumline, as you are more likely to experience these gum conditions.

If you have started to see or feel a difference in your smile, talk to our team of helpful neighborhood El Paso dentists about your needs. At Sunny Smiles, we are here to help you keep your oral health at a high level as you age, and periodontal disease puts you at serious risk of losing your teeth. Give us a call today to schedule an examination and talk to us about strengthening the health of your gums!

Your Gums Provide Vital Support For Your Smile

Your oral health is about more than just your teeth. When you brush and floss, it is important to care for all areas of your mouth, including your gums. Periodontal tissue serves as a stabilizing foundation for your teeth, and when they start to become infected, it can become a real problem for your smile. Be sure that you are brushing twice every day, and always after those midnight snacks, as bacteria can start to create harmful plaque while you sleep. Always floss, as well!

When plaque forms between your teeth and along your gumline, it is acidic enough to irritate the tissue. This can cause your gums to recede and even lead to bone loss in your jaw’s bone tissue. Keeping an eye on your periodontal health can be key in maintaining your smile as you age.

Pregnancy Can Mean Additional Steps In Caring For Your Gum Health

If you are expecting, it seems like there is always another health concern to take into consideration. Your gums are no exception, and without the proper care, you are more likely to experience gingivitis and periodontal disease. This is due to the changes in your hormones, and if you have already started to notice a change in your gumline, talk to our team about periodontal services to remove plaque and tartar buildup from your smile.

Learn More About Caring For Your Gums With Sunny Smiles

Your gum health matters, so be sure that you are keeping up with your smile. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with our team, give us a call at your friendly Sunny Smiles location on N Zaragoza Rd in El Paso, TX at (915)849-9000.