Are You A Good Candidate For Same-Day Implants?

Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX offers same-day-implants

If you read our recent blog on dental implants, you know that it can take several appointments to receive your new smile. This is necessary for the new structure to be sturdy enough to hold a crown, but we know that it can also be frustrating for the process to take so long. Today, your El Paso, Texas, dentist is here to talk about if same-day implants are right for you. To find out if you are a good candidate for this, read today’s post.

Who Can Receive This Treatment?

Patients who have a strong jaw and are in good health may qualify for this procedure. You will need a consultation with your dentist first. There, they will do a thorough examination and take the measurements to create an impression.

This is a great method for patients who need to replace missing teeth. You will be able to have a new smile in less time, have a smaller recovery period, and have fewer trips to the dentist.

How Does This Work?

Just like with a standard implant, you will need a consultation first. It is imperative that you have a stable jaw before beginning this process. If your bones have been weakened due to gum disease, TMJ, or other health conditions, alternative solutions may be necessary.

After determining you are a good fit for same-day implants, your measurements will be sent to the lab for the structure to be created. Once the implant has been returned to the dentist, your appointment will be scheduled.

We will place your implant deep in the gumline. Instead of needing to wait the typical four to six months for the post to fuse to the bone, the abutment can be immediately placed. This will be slightly different than a standard implant abutment but will work just the same. Then, the crown will be placed, and you can enjoy your new smile.

Caring For Yourself After The Procedure

Immediately following the surgery, you may experience mild swelling and discomfort. This is normal and will go down within a few weeks. Be sure to follow the instructions given by your dentist. You may need to avoid foods that are hard or crunchy as these may be hard to eat. Be sure to also avoid smoking or using tobacco products during your healing process.

Once you are healed, you can enjoy your new tooth. Remember to continue seeing your dentist regularly for checkups. This restoration is not a replacement for good oral hygiene.

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