Brighten Your Smile With Professional Whitening

El Paso, TX, Professional Whitening

Is your smile as bright as you would like it to be? If your smile has begun to dull or take on stains and blemishes, we could help explore cosmetic treatments to return to its original shade. When imperfections build within your enamel, a bleaching agent can strip foreign material to reveal the white layer below. While store-bought bleaching treatments may seem convenient, our professional service is custom-dialed in to help achieve the specific color you desire. By taking care to apply your whitening session, we help avoid painful interactions with your gums. If we discover that your discoloration problems are due to the loss of your enamel, we can also explore renewing your shade with the placement of porcelain veneers.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we believe confidence in your smile can enhance your overall well-being. This means that our cosmetic services seek to lift your mood by returning your jow in showing your smile to others. Don’t let yellowing or staining get you down! A professional whitening session can lift multiple shades in as little as an hour. To accommodate your schedule, we provide this service both in-office as well as with a take-home kit for your personal use. Enjoy applying your touchups after the initial treatment session!

The Factors Behind Dental Stains

While certain reasons that cause a loss of your teeth’s shade are due to genetics, many come from behaviors you can alter on your own. By paying attention to your diet, you can determine which food and drink leave permanent stains on the surface of your smile. In particular, coffee, tea, wine, and soda leave streaks on teeth. By selecting an alternative drink, such as water, you can protect your smile after receiving a cosmetic whitening session.

Professional Whitening

When your discoloration is due to material taking hold inside your smile’s enamel, a bleaching session can return your original shade. This service completes in under an hour and allows you to enjoy eating and drinking directly after. We create take-home kits in addition to providing this service in our office.

Porcelain Veneers

If you have multiple imperfections in your smile, such as chips, cracks, or other damage, a set of porcelain veneers can restore whatever shade you like. Each veneer bonds to the front of a tooth, instantly providing the shape, size, and color that you select. To care for your new smile, simply continue brushing and flossing each day.


If you would like to improve the color of your teeth, explore your cosmetic treatment options. To find out more about how we can fight stains, please contact our Sunny Smiles location on N Zaragoza Rd in El Paso, TX at (915) 849-9000.