When Was Your Last Dental Checkup?

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When was the last time you visited your dentist for a cleaning and examination? If it has been longer than six months, we recommend scheduling an appointment to prioritize your oral health! These routine checkups help remove plaque and tartar deposits from the surface of your smile to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. When these symptoms do appear, a dental examination can detect them right away and provide a more conservative treatment when caught in early development. On the other hand, waiting until you have a painful symptom to go to the dentist can mean it is too late for a more simple restorative solution.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we offer preventive dental services to reduce your likelihood of developing problems with your oral health. This includes standard checkups and cleanings as well as services geared to children and special preventive care for patients with gum disease. If you would like to prevent oral bacteria from leading to decay, disease, or worse, make sure to schedule a dental checkup twice a year!

Preventing Dental Damage With Routine Care

Don’t be a stranger when it comes to visiting Sunny Smiles! By scheduling regular dental exams, we can create a dental record that alerts us when new problems in your smile arise. By taking a full look at each of your teeth, we can let you know if areas of your mouth require a little more attention when brushing and flossing each morning. Your cleanings also provide an opportunity to remove bacterial deposits that you cannot handle on your own. By focusing on prevention, you will never go longer than six months before discovering a case of tooth decay or other oral issue!

When You Need Care Outside Of Checkups

While dental checkups can identify and remove cavities, we ask that you not wait when responding to a more urgent oral health problem. If an accident or infection takes hold of one of your teeth, schedule an emergency visit to inspect it right away! A toothache can indicate a bacterial infection that risks spreading to other parts of your body if left untreated. Therefore we ask that you not wait for it to resolve on its own. We can perform a root canal therapy and place a crown to restore the protective seal of your tooth’s enamel.

Speak With Your Dentist At Sunny Smiles About Scheduling A Cleaning And Exam

Think of your semiannual dental checkups as oral hygiene milestones that record the effects of your efforts. If you would like to find out more about our preventive dental services or schedule your next visit, please call our Sunny Smiles location on N Zaragoza Rd in El Paso, TX at (915) 849-9000.