Taking Care Of Your Tooth Infection

Young caucasian man isolated on blue background having a strong teeth pain, molar ache.

When you experience a constant ache in one of your teeth that will not go away, you should let your dentist know right away. This can be a symptom of a serious infection, that left alone could spread to other parts of your body. Fortunately, we could perform root canal therapy to remove bacteria from your tooth’s inner chamber and relieve your pain. Do not wait until your next dental checkup to address this problem because time is of the essence when preserving the health of your tooth. Waiting too long to remove the infection could lead to needing to perform a tooth extraction.

At Sunny Smiles, we are standing by, ready to aid you when you have a dental emergency. We understand how distracting the constant pain of an aching tooth can be and look forward to providing you with desirable relief. Because this procedure permanently alters the outside structure of your tooth, we will discuss restorative options to repair your tooth’s enamel. We suggest placing a custom dental crown that returns a lifelike appearance to your grin!

How Bacteria Can Infect Your Tooth

Healthy teeth rely upon their enamel outer layer to protect their insides from bacteria that live in your mouth. This means that any injury or disease process that breaks the integrity of the tooth’s surface can cause cavities and infection to take hold within the dentin and inner chamber of your pulp. Because of this possibility, you should let your dentist know whenever you injure a tooth. Although you may find a chip or crack to be a minor cosmetic flaw, the loss of outer enamel exposes the tooth and needs to be repaired.

You can also develop a tooth infection by failing to take care of your oral health. By neglecting brushing and flossing or skipping your dental cleanings, bacteria will form plaque that wear away at the enamel and create cavities. This is why a preventive attitude towards taking care of your smile is vital to not suffering the harm of an infection.

Removing Your Tooth Infection

When you visit our office, we will examine your toothache to tell if you have an infection. If so, we will perform a root canal to access the inner chamber and clean out all bacteria within. We will use a local anesthetic to comfort you during the procedure similar to other dental treatments. When we finish cleaning the tooth, we will place a seal to prevent reinfection.


Let us know right away when you have a painful toothache. If your tooth is infected, we can clear out your oral bacteria with a root canal. If you would like to learn more about how we can help treat this condition,  contact your Sunny Smiles location on N Zaragoza Rd in El Paso, TX at (915) 849-9000.