Call Us When You Have A Dental Emergency

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An injury to your tooth or mouth can happen completely unexpected. While your oral hygiene habits can maintain healthy, robust teeth, an accident or sports injury can quickly cause immense pain and impact your smile. When this happens it can be difficult to concentrate on navigating the smile care landscape. That’s why having a plan ahead of time can help speed up receiving care. If you crack, knock out, or break one of your teeth, we can perform emergency services to treat your pain, stop any bleeding, and begin to restore any lost structure. We also encourage you to call right away for consistent aches that may indicate bacterial infection.

At Sunny Smiles Family Dentistry, we know that dental emergencies do not happen on a predictable timeline. We can schedule an appointment for you to come in right away when damage happens outside of your semiannual regular checkup schedule. If you have an infection or injury, call us and we will put you on the path to much-needed recovery!

A Serious Toothache

When you wake up with a toothache that will not resolve on its own, you should not ignore your pain. This could indicate a bacterial infection within the pulp chamber. Left alone, this deposit can break off and spread to other parts of your body, risking severe consequences outside of your mouth. By visiting our office for an emergency appointment, we can perform root canal therapy to remove infection and restore your tooth.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If an accident knocks out one of your teeth, try not to panic, and attempt to place the tooth back in its socket until you can get to our office. If the socket will not hold the tooth, place it in a jar of milk or saltwater to preserve its living tissue. Remember to never touch a loose tooth by its roots, and only hold it by part of the crown.

If we are unable to return your tooth at our office, we can plan an implant procedure to fill your socket and maintain your bite. Our office offers a same-day implant procedure that places your implant post and above gumline restoration in a single visit. This treatment helps you prevent the consequences of missing teeth, such as lost jawbone tissue and misalignment of your bite.

Call Us Today To Receive Treatment For Your Dental Emergency In El Paso, TX   

When you have a sudden dental injury, give us a call to receive treatment as soon as possible. By acting swiftly, you can increase your chances for a successful recovery and obtain desirable relief. For more information about receiving quality care, please contact our Sunny Smiles location on N Zaragoza Rd in El Paso, TX at (915) 849-9000.