Time For Your Dental Cleaning

el paso dental cleaning

When was the last time you saw Sunny Smiles for a dental cleaning? We recommend one every six months to protect smiles from issues ranging from tooth decay to gum disease. In today’s blog, our team wants to talk about the importance of a dental cleaning every few months, and how this fights serious oral health problems.

The Importance of Fighting Plaque Buildup

Over time, harmful oral bacteria will consume the particles of sugar and starch left behind by the foods and drinks we consume. As they do, this leaves behind a sticky layer of plaque on the surfaces of the teeth, which will harden into tartar with time. The buildup cannot be removed with brushing and flossing alone, and will eventually weaken outer enamel to cause tooth decay. The same lasers could inflame the gum tissues to increase the risk of gingivitis and gum disease, not to mention bad breath and teeth stains. Which is why you need to see us twice a year to remove this buildup completely!

Removing Harmful Buildup

The cleaning process allows us to remove all plaque and tartar in a single sitting. Our team will use an ultrasonic scaling device to gently break up and remove the buildup, and also a manual pick to remove tough deposits. We then polish the teeth, which offers a brighter appearance and a smoother surface that makes it more difficult for plaque and tartar to accumulate before your next visit. The process only takes one visit, and protects your smile from major complications.

The Periodontal Option

But what if you have gingivitis or the early stages of gum disease? At this stage, you could experience sore, red gums that bleed easily, swell, or even recede. A periodontal cleaning, or a scaling and root planing, could be necessary to protect your smile. Our team will employ the same tools to remove buildup from the teeth and the roots. This could take one visit or up to four, it all depends on the severity of your buildup. We will numb your smile beforehand since this is more involved. Afterward, we can use simple traditional cleanings every three to four months to manage your periodontal concerns and keep your smile whole and healthy.

If you have any questions about the benefits of a routine dental cleaning, then contact our team today to learn more.


We want to take action to protect your smile from the onset of major oral health complications. If you’re ready to remove all plaque and tartar from your smile, then contact our Sunny Smiles location on N Zaragoza Rd in El Paso, TX at 915-849-9000.