Time For A Full Set Of Dentures?

el paso full dentures

When you suffer the loss of most or all of your teeth, this could change how you eat and even cause you to avoid social interactions. Improving your overall quality of life means you need to replace what has been lost. In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists discuss how we help smiles with our full dentures.

The Causes and Risks of Tooth Loss

We could lose our natural teeth due to untreated cavities or infections, or as a result of a serious injury. Periodontitis, the advanced stage of gum disease, is the most common cause of tooth loss. Regardless of the cause, when you lose enough natural teeth to necessitate a full set of dentures, you could experience a number of complications in your life. For example, you could be limited in the kinds of foods you can eat, and speaking without complication is difficult too. As the jawbone loses mass and density due to missing tooth roots, this could also mean a prematurely aged appearance too. But with a full set of dentures, particularly implant-secured options, we can restore health, function, and beauty to your smile.

Creating a Complete Set of Prosthetics

Every denture we provide is custom-made for your smile, and created to offer a durable chewing surface and a lifelike appearance. To get started, we will see if you have any teeth that need removal and then we will gently extract them. Our team then gathers detailed images from multiple angles, and uses them to design and craft your set of dentures. A full contains a complete row of teeth set in an acrylic base, with care taken to ensure a natural appearance that reflects your unique facial structure.

Securing Your Prosthetic

We have two options. Removable dentures are held in place with suction or adhesives, and need to be cleaned and soaked. They tend to last about 5 to 10 years before requiring replacement, as the jaw will change shape without regular doses of calcium and phosphates. But if we insert dental implants, the body accepts them as natural roots and resumes the flow of these nutrients, strengthening your jaw and allowing your new prosthetic to stay in place for decades, all without slipping or requiring removal for maintenance.

If you have any questions about how we restore smiles with a full prosthetic, then contact our team today to learn more.


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