Is Now The Right Time For TMJ Therapy?

Can you bite and chew without experiencing stiffness or discomfort? How often do you wake up and feel the effects of a night spent grinding your teeth? Is this something you should talk about with your dentist? The problems you experience with limited jaw movement, pain, stiffness, and other problems can point to an issue with TMJ disorder. Untreated poor jaw alignment and movement can impact your quality of life by causing increasing discomfort that you feel in your neck, head, and face. It can also lead to an increase in teeth grinding and clenching that can impact your quality of life negatively. By bringing the matter up with Sunny Smiles, you can learn about the relief offered by TMJ therapy. This is a service that identifies jaw problems and moves forward with treatment so that it no longer impacts you.

Paying Attention To The Warning Signs Of TMJ Disorder

Problems with TMJ disorder can be identified in several ways. That means it can be easier than you anticipate to recognize that something is wrong. Unfortunately, it also means you can experience several kinds of discomfort when the issue affects you. Beyond jaw stiffness and pain, you can find that you are dealing with the following due to your condition:

  • More frequent headaches
  • Problems with teeth grinding
  • Discomfort felt in your shoulders and neck
  • Issues with ear pain

Remember that timely care means you have relief sooner from these different problems. Once we confirm that you need help treating this problem, we can move forward with the appropriate care.

Treating Issues With Jaw Pain And Stiffness

Troubling jaw pain and stiffness can point to the need to start TMJ therapy. This refers to care that targets concerns about poor jaw alignment and movement that can increase stress and pain. By beginning appliance therapy to fix these issues, we can help you enjoy relief from the problem. The appliance will encourage you to stick to a better resting position and adapt to better bite movements.

What We Can Do About The Consequences Of Teeth Grinding

For someone whose TMJ problems include teeth grinding, permanent dental damage can happen, and that can make additional oral health services necessary. Serious harm can make it necessary for your dentist to provide care through the use of dental crowns. For problems that are noticeable but less severe, we may be able to proceed through the performance of cosmetic dental work.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Beginning TMJ Therapy

Problems with jaw pain and stiffness can be your warning that something is wrong, and that you should talk to your dentist about how you can ease tension on your joints and muscles. For more information about TMJ disorder and its treatment, please contact Sunny Smiles on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.