When Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Extracted

Typically, the goal is to care for teeth without resorting to extractions. Wisdom teeth are different, as their presence can create several problems as they begin to erupt. Fortunately, when their movement is recognized in time, they can be safely extracted before there are complications. Sunny Smiles is prepared to help you deal with this problem by removing them carefully and helping ensure that you have a comfortable recovery. Recognizing when these teeth are beginning to move into place is one of many benefits to having dental exams scheduled on a regular basis.

Why Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When your wisdom teeth start to erupt, you can experience alarming discomfort. Many people lack the space for them, and as they move into position they can push against your molars. This can damage them, cause crowding issues, and may even lead to further complications if these teeth become impacted. The more time you wait to do something about this problem, the more likely it is that you will have complications.

We Can Assess Whether It Is Time For Your Wisdom Teeth To Be Extracted

At your dental exams, our practice will look out for the movement of your wisdom teeth, which is how we can alert you to the need to have them extracted. Before moving forward with the procedure, we will provide thorough x-rays to confirm this is the right time for their removal. When necessary, oral surgery can be recommended to properly remove these third molars without interfering with neighboring teeth.

Stay Informed About Your Oral Health By Keeping Up With Dental Exams

Your wisdom teeth removal is important to the preservation of your oral health. Of course, this is just one of the many issues that can affect your well-being over time. By staying consistent with checkups and cleanings, you receive timely warnings when different issues need to be resolved. Common threats like dental decay and gum disease can be recognized and addressed before complications occur. Additional support in the form of professional dental cleanings also help you by reducing your risks for new difficulties.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Having Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

When it comes to the movement of your wisdom teeth, their timely removal will help you avoid different difficulties their arrival can cause. Our practice is able to recognize the movement, confirm that the time is right to extract them, an make sure you have a positive experience during and after your procedure. This is just one of many benefits to staying informed about smile care with regular dental exams and cleanings. If you would like to find out more about how we can support you, contact Sunny Smiles on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.