Enjoy Cavity Care Without Altering Your Smile

There are different concerns people can bring in with them when they arrive at the dentist’s office for cavity treatment. If the problem is with one of your front teeth, you can worry that your procedure will ultimately make changes to your smile that are unflattering. The expectation that you will receive a metal filling or crown can certainly contribute to this concern. What you should know is that metal restorations are not all that you have available to you. Sunny Smiles provides restorative dental work that can protect teeth and also preserve how they look. This is because we can offer restorations that are made to imitate healthy enamel and avoid unwanted attention!

Should You Worry About The Effect That Cavity Treatment Will Have On Your Appearance?

If you have a cavity, you should worry about what it will do to your tooth if you do not treat it in time. Decay continues to worsen once a cavity has formed, and that can lead to progressive harm that eventually leads to problems like infection and a heightened risk for tooth loss! What you can be less concerned about is how you will look after decay is addressed. This is thanks to the lifelike materials that can be used to construct dental fillings and dental crowns. These restorations can offer protection and functional support along  with the ability to maintain your smile’s natural appearance.

Planning A Cavity Treatment With A Lifelike Restoration

A dental filling or dental crown is used in treatment because cavities do irreversible harm to our tooth structure when they form. What this means is that the more time you spend not treating one, the more damage it will ultimately do to your enamel. Protection from a dental filling is often all that is required, but there are times when the more advanced protection of a dental crown will be required. Fillings cover the specific area where decay did harm to your enamel, while a crown will surround the structure and offer greater protection.

Discussing Cavity Prevention At Home And With Regular Checkups

Cavity prevention in the form of daily oral hygiene efforts and routine dental checkups will be important for preserving your smile and preventing decay. One thing to note is that you should treat dental exams as part of your preventive routine and not just something to schedule when you have concerns about your well-being. These appointments provide important updates about the health of your smile, and they can lead to the discovery of cavities that you are not aware of!

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Scheduling And Enjoying Lifelike Cavity Care!

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