Emergency Dentistry Is Available To Patients

You should keep up with regular dental checkups. Every six months, preventive care will help you avoid new problems with cavities, gum disease, and other threats. These visits also help you by letting you know when there are warning signs of trouble, and by providing treatment when needed. Of course, Sunny Smiles understands that unexpected issues can sometimes make treatment necessary on short notice. If you experience a potential dental emergency, we are here to help! Through timely care, we can address discomfort or a physical injury so that your smile and health needs are fully met.

We Can Help When Patients Need Urgent Treatment

If your tooth is physically injured, or if you have a worrying discomfort that you want evaluated, we can help you on short notice. Because we offer emergency dental services, we are able to resolve uncomfortable feelings in less time, and we can take on embarrassing physical harm that alters your smile. Making your oral health care a priority will be beneficial for several reasons. In addition to addressing discomfort promptly, we can see that a problem is resolved before you experience uncomfortable complications that further affect your oral health.

Treating Problems With Tooth Pain And Physical Injuries

Whether the pain has an obvious cause or not, physical discomfort that affects a tooth can be concerning. If your enamel is chipped, cracked, or broken; if your tooth is partially or fully dislodged; or if you are experiencing heightened pain or sensitivity with no obvious cause, we can help. When you come in, you will be carefully evaluated to see what kind of service is recommended. If your discomfort is a symptom of an infection, we can provide root canal therapy to protect you and relieve discomfort before your procedure is followed by the placement of a crown.

Can Emergency Dentistry Provide Results That Look Natural?

Whether you ultimately require cosmetic dental work to hide superficial damages or require more involved restorative dental work, we can take care to preserve your smile as well as your oral health. When providing restorative dental work, we do have the option of correcting problems with custom dental crowns that offer functional support as well as care to maintain how you look.

Sunny Smiles Is Able To Provide Emergency Care To Patients

There are times when oral health problems need to be addressed as soon as possible. If you experience an issue like this, you can count on Sunny Smiles to provide emergency oral health services. During your appointment, we can identify the source of your trouble and find the most conservative treatment option that can provide a lasting solution. The work will offer support for your smile as well as your well-being. If you would like to find out more, contact our Sunny Smiles location on N Zaragoza Rd in El Paso, TX today at 915-849-9000.