Cavity Care With Lifelike Dental Fillings

Does cavity treatment have to result in an unwelcome change to your smile? If you have a problem with decay that affects a front tooth, you can feel understandably concerned over how a restoration will look. Fortunately, there are treatment options that can provide protection for you without altering your appearance. Sunny Smiles is capable of placing dental fillings that blend with your enamel and avoid detection. Remember that timing matters when you need to have work done for decay; the longer it takes you to book treatment, the more likely you are to have complications that require more involved care.

Can I Really Schedule Cavity Treatment Without Worrying About My Smile?

You can have understandable concerns about your appearance and oral health when you experience problems with dental decay. However, if you let worries about cavity treatment put off restorative dental work, you become vulnerable to more oral health complications that lead to more enamel damage and potential problems with infection! The good news is that with timely care, we can limit the overall harm to your tooth structure and see to it that your smile is not altered by treatment. For many patients, our approach to treating dental decay will call for the placement of a lifelike and biocompatible resin filling.

Placing A Lifelike Filling To Address Dental Decay

The treatment you receive for your cavity will end with the placement of a restoration that will cover the area where a cavity had to be removed. The resin material is applied after infected tissues and bacteria are removed. Upon application, this substance will harden and create a remarkably strong bond while also preserving your appearance. This is work that can fit into just one appointment, which means you can have the smile that you wish to show off in just a short time!

Why Your Treatment Might Require A Dental Crown Instead Of A Filling

It is important that your tooth be closely evaluated when you have trouble with decay. There are times when cavities simply cause too much harm to be treated with dental fillings. In response to this, we can use dental crowns to help. A crown is a secure and durable restoration that fits over the tooth structure. Because there are different materials that are used to make them, they can offer different advantages as far as their looks and durability are concerned.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Cavity Treatment With A Lifelike Filling!

Dental fillings provide important protection, and they can do so while avoiding the creation of smile flaws. If you would like to arrange treatment for dental decay, or if there is another matter that concerns your oral health we can address, contact Sunny Smiles on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.