Are Your Wisdom Teeth Causing You Pain?

Any kind of dental pain can be alarming, but it can be particularly stressful to feel pain and be at a loss for why the discomfort is affecting you. One reason for discomfort around your molars is the eruption of wisdom teeth, which can push against their neighbors, become impacted, and generally create problems for your quality of life. Fortunately, this can be resolved with the extraction of these teeth, also known as your third molars. Sunny Smiles is prepared to help patients who start to feel the uncomfortable pressure of wisdom teeth eruption.

The Eruption Of Wisdom Teeth Can Lead To Discomfort

There are several reasons why you should have your wisdom teeth taken care of by your dentist. Many people simply lack the space for them, which means their arrival can become a painful problem. As they press against neighboring molars, they can damage enamel, cause teeth to shift, and generally cause discomfort. They can also become impacted, which means they do not erupt fully or do so at an uncomfortable angle. Their removal prevents different problems from occurring, which can mean you no longer have to worry about what their arrival will do to your health and quality of life.

We Can Help You When You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Whether you learn about their movement during a routine dental exam or start to feel pain from their eruption, you should take warnings about wisdom teeth seriously. The good news is that once the need for their removal is recognized, we can arrange treatment with you to make sure that they are properly removed. A successful extraction can have these third molars removed without creating any problems for neighboring teeth. When appropriate, minor oral surgery can take place to ensure that a tooth is removed without issue.

Keep Up With Your Oral Health Needs By Scheduling Regular Exams

Regular dental exams ensure that you receive regular updates about the state of your oral health. These reviews are able to bring up more than just concerns about cavities. The movement of your wisdom teeth is just one of many matters that we can help you take on. Remember that when oral health problems are ignored, you become more likely to experience complications that will affect your appearance and quality of life.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Your Issues With Your Wisdom Teeth

When it is time to have your wisdom teeth removed, you should know that our dental office is prepared to help! With the right approach to care, we can see to it that teeth are properly extracted without creating problems for their neighbors. If you would like to learn more about this or any other service, reach out to Sunny Smiles on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.