Seeing Someone About A Dental Emergency

There are situations where dental problems require prompt care. For example, if you injure your tooth, you can find yourself with an alarming discomfort as well as trouble with your appearance. In situations where you need to see someone as soon as possible, you should know that Sunny Smiles is here to provide emergency dental services. We can provide prompt services to people in and around El Paso, TX who find themselves with oral health trouble that requires urgent attention. Through treatment, we can make sure that your oral health issues are properly treated, and that you can also maintain confidence in your smile.

We Are Here To Help You When You Have A Potential Dental Emergency

If you have an urgent concern about your oral health or smile, you can reach out to our practice to arrange emergency dental work. We can take care to welcome you on short notice and determine what we can do to ensure that whatever is troubling you is completely restored. That can sometimes mean providing services to restore the look of teeth that are chipped or cracked, but in some cases it can mean more involved restorative services.

What Kind Of Care Can You Receive On Short Notice?

We can start treatment for you if you need restorative or cosmetic work. Our cosmetic procedures provide more conservative services that are focused on the restoration of a tooth’s appearance. With restorative treatment, we can make sure your oral health and appearance are properly managed. For lingering tooth pain or a physical injury, we can offer more involved care, including root canal therapy, to make sure you have no lingering issues.

Your Treatment Can Protect Your Tooth And Preserve Your Smile

Whether you need a conservative cosmetic treatment or more involved restorative work, know that your care can end with your smile being preserved. This is the case even when you need more involved treatment that calls for the placement of dental crowns to protect teeth. Our options for restorations include crowns made with a porcelain material that can imitate the look of healthy enamel.

Sunny Smiles Can Help You During A Dental Emergency

Our hope is that our patients never find themselves in situations where they need emergency treatment, but we want them to know that prompt care is available in the event that they do. Treatment on short notice can help you regain your oral health and restore your smile’s appearance, which means you will not have to worry about the way you look once your care is complete. In order to learn more about the services available, both during an emergency or at a general appointment, reach out to Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.