When Wisdom Teeth Start To Cause Discomfort

You can have a hard time ignoring the pain that your wisdom teeth cause when they begin to erupt. The movement of these teeth can lead to trouble for several reasons. Simply put, many people do not have the space for them, which is why they need to be removed before they fully arrive. As they move in place, they can crowd neighboring teeth, damage your molars, or become impacted and harder to remove. Sunny Smiles is prepared to deal with this problem for you in order to stop pain and preserve your smile. If you feel pressure or pain around the location of your wisdom teeth, we can confirm that their arrival is the source of your trouble and make plans to deal with them.

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Starting To Erupt?

Our wisdom teeth are the last to arrive, as they come in many years after the rest settle into place. Unfortunately, when they do start to erupt, you can experience an alarming amount of discomfort. This is due to the lack of space many people have for them. Because there is not enough room for them, they can become impacted, which means they shift and move in an incorrect direction. They can also crowd neighboring teeth by pressing in your neighboring molars. Dealing with this problem calls for tooth extraction. We can make sure that your wisdom teeth are removed as soon as possible, and without causing issues with their neighbors.

Arranging Treatment To Have These Teeth Removed

At the right time, we can bring you in to carefully extract your wisdom teeth. After a review to confirm that they are the source of your discomfort, we can find a way to carefully have them out. Through minor oral surgery, we can perform your extraction while they are not fully erupted. The advantage to this is that we can perform this task while you are not experiencing problems with neighboring teeth, so you will not need additional care to address damage to molars or problems with a change in the way teeth are positioned.

Preventive Services Can Offer Early Warnings About Wisdom Teeth Eruption

At regular preventive dental checkups, we provide reviews that include examinations with imaging technology. This enables us to watch for the early signs that your wisdom teeth are moving in place, so we can plan treatment sooner. Remember that timely treatment both lowers your risk for complications and makes you less likely to experience pain from the eruption of these teeth.

Talk To Sunny Smiles About Addressing Pain From Wisdom Teeth!

The arrival of your wisdom teeth can be painful and distracting. Fortunately, you can arrange for Sunny Smiles to help! To find out more, contact your El Paso, TX, dentists’ office on N Zaragoza Rd by calling us at 915-849-9000.