Our Office Takes Appointments On Saturdays!

dental visit Saturday calendarIf your typical weekday gives you little time to take appointments, it can be difficult to find an opportunity to see your dentist. Unfortunately, this means that many people will fall behind on their regular checkups, and that makes them more vulnerable to oral health difficulties. Patients at Sunny Smiles can take advantage of our Saturday office hours, which help people with hectic schedules find time for appointments. You should stick to regular checkups on a semiannual basis, as these visits provide important updates about the state of your teeth and gums, and they provide detailed teeth cleanings that remove harmful agents that can cause problems over time.

When Did Your Last Checkup Take Place?

Even people who know how important preventive dental care can be may find it hard to maintain a consistent appointment schedule. When your schedule becomes too hectic, it may be tempting to postpone a planed oral health exam and cleaning, or even cancel without rescheduling. The trouble with this is that it leaves you without important care, as well as without feedback about problems that have already formed and need to be addressed! If you have already gone more than six months without a visit, you should make your next appointment a priority! Because our office is open on Saturdays, we can make this easier for you to arrange.

How We Take Care Of Your Teeth During A Checkup

A routine dental checkup will provide you with a thorough teeth cleaning as well as a review to see if you have any problems to address. Catching problems early is beneficial, as we can prevent them from worsening and causing unwelcome complications. When necessary, we can talk to you about restorative dental work that needs to occur because of dental decay. The teeth cleaning provided at your appointment will remove tartar buildup, which forms through the hardening of plaque buildup. You can prevent tartar formation, but once this substance is present, your hygienist will have to remove it.

Consistent Preventive Care And Your Gums

Gum disease can cause more problems for your smile than you may realize. Dealing with the start of an infection is one important service provided during a checkup, one that you do not want to miss out on. If you let gingivitis go untreated for too long, it can turn into a more severe infection that is difficult to control. For patients with gingivitis, we can provide a deep cleaning to deal with the harmful bacteria buildup developing under your gum line.

You Can Schedule A Saturday Appointment At Sunny Smiles!

Because our office welcomes patients on Saturdays, we can make important preventive services more accessible to people who have a hard time making appointments on weekdays. To find out more about these hours, or to schedule your next appointment, please call Sunny Smiles at our El Paso, TX office on N Zaragoza Rd at 915-849-9000.