Keeping A Tooth Healthy With A Filling

When you have a cavity, you will need to see your dentist to make sure your tooth’s health is properly restored. After removing the damaged portion of your tooth, your dentist will provide protection in the form of a filling or crown. A dental filling is the more conservative option of the two, as it only covers the area where a cavity formed. At Sunny Smiles, patients receive fillings that both imitate your enamel and bond to it. At the end of your procedure, you will not have to worry about your smile, or about your ability to bite and chew, as your restoration can provide lasting support.

The Importance Of Promptly Treating A Cavity

The more you delay treatment for a cavity, the more likely you are to have complications. Decay continues to spread once a cavity forms. Eventually, the damage to your enamel can leave you vulnerable to an infection that requires advanced care! The good news is that when you schedule regular dental exams, you can receive helpful early updates about problems that will require restorative dental treatment. Early detection will lead to care before you have to worry about a possible infection.

Using A Dental Filling To Keep A Tooth Safe After Treatment

Once your dental filling is in place, you can feel comfortable with your smile as well as your ability to bite and chew. The composite resin material bonds to your enamel, which ensures it will stay secure and keep the surrounding tissues safe from bacteria. The material can match the color and texture of your tooth, something that keeps you from worrying about issues with your appearance.

When You Need More Than Just A Filling To Protect Your Tooth

If necessary, we can provide a dental crown to provide more protection and keep you safe from complications with your oral health. There are several materials we can use to create your permanent restoration. In cases where you need to receive support for a tooth that is visible when you smile and speak, we can recommend that you receive a crown that imitates your healthy enamel. In times when you need treatment for an infection, we can perform a root canal and remove bacteria and infected tissues to stop a problem from worsening.

Schedule Dental Treatment At Sunny Smiles!

Through restorative dental work, we can make sure that your cavity issues are completely resolved. After evaluating you, we can determine the most conservative treatment option that can provide protection and let you maintain confidence in your smile as well as your ability to bite and chew. If you have questions, or if you have concerns about possible dental decay, please contact your El Paso, TX, dentists by calling 915-849-9000.