Information Provided At A Dental Checkup

Routine dental checkups provide you with helpful information regarding your oral health. In addition to warning you about dental decay, your dentist can talk to you about any symptoms identified in the course of your exam, and you will receive a helpful teeth cleaning from your hygienist. At Sunny Smiles, we are ready to provide these preventive appointments to patients of all ages. When an issue is identified, we can speak to you about what treatment we recommend, and we can make plans to tend to problems while taking care to preserve your smile. Unless your dentist tells you that you should do something different, you should take care to schedule an appointment every six months.

Why Should I Schedule Regular Checkups?

There are several important benefits to scheduling routine oral health care. At every appointment, you undergo a teeth cleaning that fights tartar buildup while also taking care of any plaque and food deposits on your smile. This work helps you prevent problems in the future. Your dental exam also provides you with beneficial feedback regarding tooth decay and other problems. The sooner an issue is identified, the sooner we can start work to address it!

The Value Of Early Cavity Detection And Treatment

How much work will go into treating a cavity? That answer will depend on the cavity’s size, and on whether you have developed an infection. Early detection and treatment can limit the amount of work that is ultimately required. With a lifelike dental filling, we can restore your tooth after removing decay. When a more serious problem has time to form, it can ultimately take a root canal procedure and dental crown to care for you. The good news is that we can also provide crowns that imitate healthy enamel!

Additional Benefits To Scheduling And Attending Exams

By removing tartar and other harmful materials during your cleaning, your hygienist gives you a better chance at preventing problems with tooth decay and gum disease. While checking on your smile, your dentist will look for the symptoms of gingivitis, as well as problems like TMJ disorder and habitual teeth grinding. These and other problems, like tooth decay, will worsen in time when they are not caught and properly treated.

Set Your Next Dental Checkup At Sunny Smiles!

Is it time for you to attend your next dental checkup? If you have gone more than six months without this preventive care, you may be more vulnerable to oral health trouble than you realize! Sunny Smiles is prepared to meet with everyone in your household to provide important preventive services. If we identify problems, we can explain what kind of care is needed to return your smile to good health. To find out more, please contact your El Paso, TX, dentists’ office on N Zaragoza Rd by calling 915-849-9000.