We Offer TMJ Therapy And Treatment For Teeth Grinding

Jaw pain and discomfort after a night of teeth grinding are both frustrating problems to endure. Individuals with uneven jaw movement or problems with joint alignment can grow unhappy as their aches and pains make biting and chewing difficult, and even lead to more frequent headaches. For someone who grinds their teeth at night, mornings can start with jaw and facial pain as well as problems with tooth pain and sensitivity. What you should know is that TMJ disorder, which refers to problems with jaw positioning and movement, and bruxism, habitual teeth grinding, are often connected. If you currently only deal with one of these issues, the one that you struggle with can cause the onset of the other! Fortunately, Sunny Smiles is prepared to help by offering TMJ therapy, and by providing oral appliance therapy to protect against nightly teeth grinding.

Are You Experiencing Problems With The Alignment And Movement Of Your Jaw?

There is no single reason why someone might begin to struggle with poor jaw movement, or with joint misalignment. Sometimes, the problem stems from an injury that interferes with joint alignment, but it could also be the consequence of uneven or awkward bite movements. Arthritis in your jaw joints can also lead to this difficulty. Over time, poor alignment can tax your joints and muscles, leading to increased stiffness and pain when you bite, headaches, and pain in your face and neck. This issue can also cause you to unconsciously grind your teeth, particularly when you are asleep. If you are experiencing difficulties with your bite, uneven movements can make you too reliant on certain teeth, causing them to wear down faster.

Reducing Joint And Muscle Tension By Improving Your Jaw Alignment

Through TMJ therapy, we can provide you with a custom appliance to wear at night. When your appliance is in place, it holds your jaw in a different position, one that feels more natural and puts less strain on your joints and muscles. Working to retrain the way you hold your jaw can ease tension and reduce your overall discomfort. We can also evaluate you to see if other treatments, like the restoration of vulnerable teeth with dental crowns, might be necessary to restore your bite function.

Addressing Any Dental Damage Caused By Bruxism

With timely care, we can prevent problems with dental damage from bruxism. Wearing a guard at night will keep your teeth apart so you are not able to wear down your enamel by grinding and clenching. If you already have visible wear and tear, or if you have teeth that are chipped or cracked, we can discuss cosmetic dental work to hide damages.

Talk To Sunny Smiles If You Are Concerned About TMJ Disorder Or Teeth Grinding

Without treatment, problems with TMJ disorder and bruxism can lead to chronic pain and dental damage! To learn how we can help you, please reach out to our Sunny Smiles office on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.