Using A Whitening Kit Provided By Your Dentist

People who turn to store bought whitening treatments can have high hopes for their smile. Unfortunately, at the end of using these treatments many can feel let down by a lack of change in their enamel color. Does this mean there is just no way to make their teeth as white as they might like? Whitening kits that are available at your local store or pharmacy can help with discoloration, but they can fail to produce the results you really want. At Sunny Smiles, you can take home a customized whitening kit provided by your dentist. Kits that we provide to patients include more potent bleaching agents as well as customized trays to make daily applications easier.

Why A Store Bought Whitening Treatment Might Lead To Disappointment

If you wish to make your smile many shades brighter, you can feel let down by the results you see after using a store bought whitening kit. These kits can have limited benefits because they can lack the necessary potency to deliver changes you hope to see. To make your teeth brighter by several shades, you can look into using a professional whitening treatment. Our whitening kits let you take care of stains on your schedule, and with convenient at-home treatments. However, they include personalized trays to make applications easier as well as stronger whitening agents!

Taking Home A Customized Whitening Kit Provided By Your Dentist

By using a customized whitening kit to fight stains, you can address discoloration that has worsened over a period of time. You will apply the Zoom! whitening agents to your enamel with your custom whitening trays each day. Over a set number of days, you will be able to gradually brighten your teeth and enjoy a stunning smile improvement! Typically, this process can be completed in less than two weeks.

Exploring Additional Cosmetic Treatment Options

Dental discoloration is just one of several concerns that people may have about the way they look. For those who worry about the condition, size, or alignment of teeth that look unattractive, we can discuss treatment with porcelain veneers, or we can recommend tooth bonding and contouring work. These cosmetic dental services manage to address many flaws at one time. In fact, they can even help you deal with discoloration caused by something other than teeth stains!

Take Home A Potent, Personalized Whitening Kit From Sunny Smiles!

Through the use of a professional whitening kit, you can make your smile many shades brighter! Sunny Smiles provides patients with customized whitening solutions so that they can see meaningful improvements in their appearance. This is one of many approaches we can take to helping those who feel concerned about their appearance. To find out more, contact your El Paso, TX, dentists by calling 915-849-9000.