How Dental Cleanings Fit Into Your Oral Hygiene Efforts

What does your smile care routine look like on a typical day? In addition to thinking about your oral health when picking your meals and snacks, you should have a committed practice in place for cleaning your teeth. Both brushing and flossing protect your enamel and gums against bacteria buildup and prevent the formation of tartar. While these practices matter, remember to accompany them with regular dental exams and cleanings. Sunny Smiles provides consistent preventive dental care for people of all ages in and around El Paso, TX. Dental cleanings remove both plaque and tartar, which will help you avoid difficulties over time that can make restorative dental work necessary.

Why You Should Rely On Both In-Office And Daily Care To Protect Your Smile

What can you do for your smile on a typical day? By brushing, flossing, and limiting your sugar intake, you can fight bacteria buildup and also deprive the microbes that do gather access to food sources. In other words, you provide important protection for yourself. While this is certainly worthwhile, be careful not to mistake your routine’s effectiveness as a replacement for regular dental exams and cleanings. These in-office appointments provide you with valuable feedback about your oral health routine, and they ensure any tartar buildup that occurs between appointments is removed.

Dental Cleanings Protect You Against Tartar Accumulation

How do people wind up with tartar deposits on their teeth? As plaque deposits form, you should remove them by brushing and flossing. Deposits that you miss will harden, forming the tartar buildup that your hygienist must address. Unfortunately, we are not able to remove tartar by brushing and flossing. If you put off a checkup, you leave more time for tartar to form and cause problems for your well-being.

Other Benefits To Regularly Scheduled Dental Exams

Through regularly scheduled dental exams, you give yourself more than just access to professional teeth cleanings. At these visits, your dentist will check you for any signs of poor oral health. One issue that we watch for is the onset of gingivitis, something that we can address through periodontal cleanings. If your dentist catches a cavity during a review, we can address it with a dental filling. A cavity that forms and worsens because it is not caught at an exam will eventually cause a painful infection, something that makes root canal therapy necessary.

Arrange Your Next Dental Cleaning At Sunny Smiles!

By scheduling regular dental checkups at Sunny Smiles, you secure important protection for your smile. The cleanings that take place during these visits will help you avoid difficulties with your oral health by removing harmful plaque and tartar buildup between appointments. To find out more, please contact our practice at our Dyer St location in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.