Why Do Wisdom Teeth Cause Problems For People?

If your wisdom teeth start to arrive, you can experience problems with pain, sensitivity, and even crowding due to lack of space for them. Wisdom teeth often erupt at uncomfortable angles, or fail to erupt fully, due to a lack of room. Because of this, they are often extracted early to prevent potential complications. At Sunny Smiles, we can check on the movement of your wisdom teeth and let you know when the time is right to remove them. To take them without affecting your neighboring teeth, we can carefully expose these teeth in order to remove them without adversely affecting the neighboring molars.

We Often Lack Space For Our Wisdom Teeth

Simply put, wisdom teeth create problems because we do not have enough space for them. If they begin to erupt, but do not have the room to erupt properly, they can become impacted, which means they can move at an uncomfortable angle or may only partially arrive. This can cause problems with crowding as they push against your neighboring teeth, it can damage your molars, and it can produce a worrying amount of jaw pain.

Arranging Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction can differ from typical tooth extractions. One reason is that while other teeth are replaced with prosthetic dental restorations, there is no need to replace wisdom teeth. Another reason is that your dentist may need to perform oral surgery to reveal and carefully take these teeth without affecting their neighbors. Minor oral surgery can be performed to remove wisdom teeth before they have the opportunity to become impacted, sparing you future problems that might require restorative dental work on neighboring teeth.

Dental Exams Lead To The Early Detection And Treatment Of Problems

Your regular dental exams keep you informed about problems like tooth decay and gum disease, and they can alert you to possible future concerns like the arrival of your wisdom teeth. When we have more advance notice, we can take care of your wisdom teeth before they cause trouble with your oral health that will call for more dental work. We can also help you identify other potentially painful problems, like the onset of TMJ disorder and issues with teeth grinding, which create persistent jaw pain and stiffness as well as difficulties with damage to your enamel.

Sunny Smiles Can Help If Your Wisdom Teeth Cause Problems For You

Sunny Smiles is prepared to help patients deal with the uncomfortable arrival of their wisdom teeth. To prevent them from negatively affecting your appearance and oral health, we can extract these teeth before they become impacted. To find out more about this and other oral health matters, please contact our dental office on N Zaragoza Rd in El Paso, TX by calling 915-849-9000.