Why A Root Canal Might Be Needed To Address Your Cavity

During a restorative dental procedure, your dentist may need to do work on your tooth’s inner chamber, known as the pulp. This is not true in every case – if a cavity is caught in time, it can be treated before it makes its way through your enamel. Unfortunately, when too much time passes without treatment, you can experience an infection that calls for root canal therapy. At Sunny Smiles, we can make sure your root canal fully addresses the problems that result when an infection forms. After we take care of bacteria and decayed tissues, we can seal the pulp to protect it and restore your tooth with a custom dental crown.

How Serious Is Your Cavity Trouble?

At regular dental exams, cavities can be spotted and treated before complications occur. We can even identify cavities before they start to cause discomfort, which means your tooth can be properly restored with a dental filling before pain and sensitivity affect you. However, if you are not scheduling exams on a regular basis, you miss out on early detection and treatment, and you may not realize that something is wrong until your tooth is infected! At this point, it will take a root canal to return the tooth to good health. While the procedure puts a stop to pain and sensitivity and prevents further oral health troubles, this is a more involved procedure, which is why you have to receive a dental crown, not a filling, when work is complete.

Arranging Your Root Canal Treatment To Address An Infection

During a root canal, your dentist carefully accesses the central chamber of your tooth to remove bacteria and damaged tissues from the pulp. By doing this, we prevent an infection from spreading further, a problem that eventually makes tooth extraction necessary. Once this work is complete, you will receive a dental crown to protect the tooth. The crown provides bite support while also keeping you safe from a future infection.

Restoring Your Tooth After Your Root Canal Is Complete

The dental crowns we use to restore teeth are custom-made for patients. This is done to make sure there is space for the restoration, and to confirm that it will look natural when put in place. If you undergo treatment for a front tooth, we can recommend that you receive a porcelain crown that imitates healthy tooth structure.

Sunny Smiles Can Restore Your Tooth Through Root Canal Therapy

When necessary, Sunny Smiles can perform root canal therapy and stop a cavity that has led to a painful tooth infection. Remember that our practice can also spot and treat decay before this procedure becomes necessary. To find out more, please contact your El Paso, TX, dentists by calling 915-849-9000.