What To Expect When You Schedule Emergency Dental Work

You can look forward to the protection provided to your smile during a regular dental exam. While you can be glad to have access to care when problems arise, you can be less excited to see your dentist due to an emergency. In addition to being painful, dental problems that call for urgent care can negatively affect your appearance, and they can seriously intrude on your schedule. Sunny Smiles recognizes that these problems can be of serious concern. When we work with patients in these situations, we make prompt care a priority. In addition to making sure your tooth is healthy, we can arrange treatment that resolves problems with visible damage and other cosmetic concerns.

Don’t Put Off Treatment If You Think You Are Experiencing A Dental Emergency!

It is hard to think of any dental problem as “convenient,” but a physical injury or the onset of serious pain can quickly change your priorities for the day! If you think a problem with your oral health might be serious, reach out as soon as possible to arrange your emergency dental visit. If you try to put off an appointment, the tooth’s health can worsen, which can lead to more complications and a higher risk for losing your tooth!

Restoring An Injured Tooth’s Appearance

When patients come in for emergency treatment because of physical injury, the care can vary based on the condition of their enamel. Some injuries can be addressed through cosmetic dental work. Treatment with porcelain veneers and tooth bonding procedures make fewer modifications to your tooth structure, which means they are more conservative treatment options. If your dentist is concerned about your tooth’s ability to absorb bite pressure, or if you need root canal therapy to restore its health, we can instead use a dental crown for support. We do make crowns that imitate healthy teeth available, so you can have your smile restored when we take this approach.

Dealing With Severe Or Persistent Tooth Pain

A severe or persistent pain should not be ignored. If you have this problem, it can be linked to an infection within the tooth, which will worsen over time and lead to complications. By performing root canal therapy, we can take care of the bacteria and damaged tissues putting you at risk before permanently restoring the tooth.

Sunny Smiles Provides Emergency Dental Work

When patients experience problems that call for urgent care, Sunny Smiles can help by providing emergency dental services! To learn more about the treatments we can perform on short notice, or to discuss other matters like our general, restorative, and cosmetic procedures, you can reach our dentists’ office on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling us at 915-859-7000.