We Can Answer Your Questions About Tooth-Colored Fillings

When tooth decay is serious enough to require restorative dental work, the damage to your enamel is permanent. Fortunately, a dental filling or dental crown can be made to imitate your tooth structure and prevent issues with the way you look! Sunny Smiles can provide restorations that do a good job protecting a tooth while also preserving your appearance. The tooth-colored resin substance we use to make lifelike fillings bonds directly to your enamel, creating a lasting form of support that provides you with confidence in both your bite function and appearance. Fillings are the more conservative treatment option when someone comes to us for cavity treatment. You can avoid problems with larger cavities by visiting your dentist for regular oral health checkups!

The Benefits Of Using Tooth-Colored Resin For Dental Fillings

The resin material we use to make our tooth-colored fillings can provide a dependable defense against future damage as well as problems with infection. Because the substance bonds to your tooth, it can create a more effective seal; fillings made from metal may allow small openings to form between the restoration and tooth that let bacteria gather. The resin material we use is strong enough to provide structural support so that you can still bite and chew without trouble after your treatment.

How Does A Filling Protect My Tooth After Cavity Treatment?

While smaller cavities can do limited damage to your enamel, they still leave permanent harm when they form. Through treatment, your dentist can remove infected tissues and stop decay from spreading any further. Unfortunately, that space where the cavity formed will still need to be dealt with. Dental fillings are applied directly to the area where a cavity developed. When closing this space, we take care to make sure the filling blends in, and that it provides the degree of support that you require so that you can still confidently put pressure on the tooth.

Why Crowns Are Sometimes Used Instead Of Fillings For Restorative Work

Dental crowns are used when cavities are too large for treatment with a filling to be effective. Because a crown surrounds a tooth, it can provide more protection and structural support. This does make it necessary for your dentist to do more preparatory work before treatment, but this is still a means of resolving a potentially serious problem with decay. Crowns are used for treatments when cavities call for root canal therapy.

Sunny Smiles Provides Tooth-Colored Fillings For Patients!

By using tooth-colored fillings to restore teeth, we can address problems with dental decay without causing undesired changes to your smile. To discuss this restorative dental treatment, or to bring up any other issues with your oral health that you might have, please contact your El Paso, TX, dentists’ office on N Zaragoza Rd by calling 915-849-9000.