Trusting A Custom Dental Crown To Protect Your Tooth

An injury or advanced cavity can do significant damage to your tooth enamel. In order to address this problem, your dentist will have to provide a restoration that can both keep the remaining tooth structure safe and provide help so that you can bite and chew like normal. Sunny Smiles is able to restore teeth with dental crowns that are personally made for patients. A custom dental crown can be made from different materials, including some that are chosen for their ability to imitate healthy enamel. All of these options can provide long-term protection as well as the ability to safely put pressure on your tooth after a problem damaged it.

Do You Need A Custom Crown For Your Tooth?

Our first approach when providing restorative dental work is to use a dental filling to care for you. Fillings are a more conservative option because they only cover the area where damage occurred. Unfortunately, this is not always an effective solution because sometimes people need more protection after a cavity or injury. If your tooth is broken, or if a cavity is serious enough to require root canal therapy, we can provide a crown.

Receiving Your Restoration

Before you can receive your crown, your dentist will closely measure your tooth to determine what shape and size your restoration should be. This is an important step because it will ensure that the restoration you receive fits properly, that it stays in place, and that it does not bother neighboring teeth. The question of what material type we use to restore your smile will depend on where that tooth is located. For front teeth that are more visible, we can recommend that we place a porcelain or zirconia crown to preserve your appearance.

You May Need A Root Canal Before You Receive Your Crown

Sometimes, root canal therapy has to be performed before we can cover your tooth with a crown. Root canals are only performed when there are internal problems with a tooth – this can occur when you have an advanced cavity, or when an injury leads to an infection. After this treatment, we can move forward with placing your dental crown.

Sunny Smiles Can Provide You With A Custom Dental Crown

If you have a problem with your oral health, Sunny Smiles is ready to help you! It is important that your restoration do more than just keep a tooth safe from further infection or damage, as it should also provide functional support to make biting and chewing easier. If you have questions about our restorative services, if you are due for a checkup, or if you want to discuss cosmetic treatment, let us know! To find out more, please contact your El Paso, TX, dentists at our N Zaragoza Rd location by calling 915-849-9000.