Our Approach To Cavity Treatment Can Preserve Your Smile

Is there anything your dentist can do to restore the appearance of a tooth affected by a cavity? It is important that you receive treatment to both stop the spread of decay and keep a tooth safe from further problems. You should also remain confident that your tooth can absorb bite pressure. Sunny Smiles provides dental fillings and dental crowns that are strong enough to support your bite and oral health while also restoring the look of your tooth. With tooth-colored materials, we can provide lasting support for both your dental health and appearance. Remember that we also provide preventive dental services that can help you avoid oral health problems in the future!

We Use Tooth-Colored Restorations To Address Decay

Tooth-colored restorations provide comfort for patients concerned about how cavity treatment will affect their appearance. This can be a significant concern when you develop a problem with one of your front teeth, as it can be difficult to ignore a metal filling or crown that is in a prominent space. By using materials capable of matching the color and texture of your healthy enamel, we can perform procedures that give people more confidence in the way they look while still providing them long-term protection for a tooth damaged by decay.

Should You Receive A Dental Filling Or A Dental Crown?

The choice to use a filling or a crown is decided by the size and severity of a cavity. A dental filling will be the more conservative treatment option, as it is is one that only affects the area where your cavity formed. The composite resin material that we use for our fillings bonds directly with your enamel, creating a stable, long-term form of support that lets you continue to bite and chew without worrying you might damage your tooth structure. A dental crown will completely cover your tooth above your gum line. Dental crowns that are made with porcelain or zirconia can support your bite function while also effectively imitating your healthy tooth structure.

Why Cavity Treatment Sometimes Calls For Root Canal Therapy

Your dentist may need to perform root canal therapy before providing you with your custom dental crown. This is an important step in cavity treatment when a tooth shows signs of infection. Treatment to remove bacteria and damaged or infected tissues will stop a tooth’s health from further deteriorating, and it will put an end to active discomfort.

Arrange Your Cavity Treatment With Sunny Smiles!

Through treatment with lifelike dental fillings and dental crowns, our practice is able to restore teeth affected by decay without changing the way a patient looks! To find out more about these restorations, or to discuss treatment if you think you need restorative work, contact Sunny Smiles at our Dyer St office in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.