Can I Arrange A Root Canal Without Visiting An Endodontist?

Your dentist will schedule root canal treatment for you when you have an infected tooth. An advanced cavity can cause an infection by exposing your tooth’s pulp to bacteria, and they can occur after physical trauma. This is a serious problem, one that can cause pain and threaten you with tooth loss. Will your general dentist’s office be able to provide endodontic treatment, or treatment that concerns a tooth’s inner structure? Sunny Smiles can arrange your root canal treatment, so you can trust your regular dentist’s office with this task! After removing infected tissues and bacteria, we can seal your tooth to keep it safe before we restore it with a custom dental crown.

Why Root Canal Therapy Might Be Needed

Your dentist will only recommend root canal therapy when internal problems affect a tooth’s health. Bacteria can enter through the damage done by dental decay, or they can start to attack after an injury creates a serious chip or crack in your enamel. Until these harmful microbes are removed, and the effects of your infection are addressed, your tooth’s health will continue to deteriorate. If you wait too long to look into treatment, the only option left may be to extract the tooth!

What To Expect During Your Procedure

Your dentist will carefully reveal the tooth’s pulp so that they can remove bacteria and infected tissues. Once we have cleared this area of trouble, we will seal it, then start the work of restoring your tooth. Both the root canal itself and the tooth’s restoration are important. The changes in your tooth structure are permanent, so you will need long-term protection. Your dentist will place a dental crown over your tooth that supports your bite function and prevents bacteria from causing new issues with your oral health. You can receive a lifelike dental crown if your tooth is visible when you smile and speak.

Your Dentist Can Also Help You Avoid Problems That Call For Root Canals

Your general dentist’s office does more than just respond to problems that have already formed. We provide consistent preventive dental care that will limit your risk for trouble! At every routine dental checkup, your teeth are closely studied and cleaned. Cleanings reduce your risk for problems by removing tartar deposits, which you are not able to remove by yourself. Your dentist will look for signs of decay that you have yet to observe. Your dentist can treat a smaller cavity with a dental filling, a more conservative form of treatment that keeps you safe from oral health complications.

Schedule Your Root Canal Treatment At Sunny Smiles!

Families in and around El Paso, TX who want to schedule root canal therapy can count on our practice for help! To learn more, please contact our Sunny Smiles dentist’s office on Dyer St in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.