3 Situations That Can Call For Restorative Dentistry

When you consistently protect your smile by brushing and flossing, managing your diet, and scheduling regular dental exams, you limit your risk for problems that require restorative dentistry. With that said, people can experience trouble with their smile even when they feel good about the routine that they follow. Sunny Smiles provides services that restore teeth that are negatively affected by issues like decay as well as physical trauma. For those who have lost teeth, we can also use dental bridges to provide cosmetic and functional support. When we take care of your smile, we will use restorations that imitate healthy enamel, so you can come away from treatment with your oral health and smile improved!

1. Trouble With Dental Decay

Tooth decay is a common issue, one that can affect people even when they feel confident in their daily oral hygiene habits. Your dentist will determine what kind of treatment you require after examining your tooth. We can address small cavities with tooth fillings. Fillings are a conservative solution, one that relies on lifelike resin to cover damage that has formed. If you need help with a larger cavity, we can use a dental crown. Crowns cover teeth completely over the gum line – while this requires more preparatory work, it can protect a more vulnerable tooth and give you more support for your bite. Your tooth can become infected if cavity treatment does not take place in time, which will make root canal treatment necessary.

2. Treatment For A Physical Injury

Physical injuries that chip, crack, or otherwise do damage to teeth should be addressed promptly. When potentially serious problems occur, our practice can bring you in for an emergency dental treatment. A custom crown can protect your tooth and also address the visible damage that hurts your smile.

3. Prosthetic Work To Address Tooth Loss

If your smile is not complete, you can struggle with both cosmetic and functional problems. Fortunately, a permanent dental prosthetic can improve the way you look and also offer support for your bite. Your dentist can provide a dental bridge to close the space where your missing tooth previously resided. The bridge remains in place thanks to a pair of dental crowns that are capped on teeth that are next to the gap, with a hold secure enough to support your bite function.

Arrange Restorative Dentistry At Sunny Smiles!

Sunny Smiles provides restorative services that can both protect teeth and take care of dental problems that might affect your appearance. In addition to restorative work, we are also here to provide you with preventive and cosmetic services that help you stay confident in your appearance! To find out more, contact your El Paso, TX, dentists by calling 915-849-9000.