Treating TMJ Disorder To Improve Your Quality Of Life

Living with TMJ disorder can mean living with discomfort on a daily basis. As long as you leave a problem with jaw pain unresolved, you can feel pain and stiffness whenever you try to bite and chew food. Your trouble can actually lead to more than just problems with your jaw, as you can experience recurring headaches, develop a tendency to grind your teeth, and experience stiffness in your neck. You can bring up these discomforts during a dental exam, or schedule an appointment to specifically discuss your concerns about this problem. Sunny Smiles can offer help in the form of oral appliance therapy. Your custom appliance can positively change the position of your jaw and encourage better, more comfortable movements.

What Is TMJ Disorder Doing To Affect Your Quality Of Life?

There are many issues that can lead to TMJ disorder. A problem can develop over time if your jaw movement is not even, as this can lead to changes in the alignment of your joints. You can experience pain because of a bite make awkward by tooth pain, or because of trouble with arthritis that affects your joints. For many people, TMJ disorder is linked to their issues with teeth grinding – either one of these conditions can lead to the other.

Arranging Treatment To Resolve Jaw Tension And Pain

Because TMJ disorder can have different causes, your dentist will take the time to see what is affecting you and what the right treatment should involve. Many people are aided by a custom oral appliance that they wear at night. When it is in place, it gently corrects the position of your jaw so that you put less stress on the joints. We can also discuss restorative dental work to take care of teeth that are in poor condition. A dental crown can cover a tooth and make it easier for you to put pressure on it if it is sore or sensitive.

Addressing The Impact Of Teeth Grinding On Your Smile

If you develop an issue with teeth grinding, you can experience more than just aches and pains from the stress your condition puts on your joints and muscles. You can gradually wear down your teeth when you clench, leading to changes in your appearance and potential oral health issues. Oral appliance therapy can stop nighttime teeth grinding. By stopping you from grinding your teeth while at rest, we can reduce stress and prevent dental problems.

Arrange Treatment For TMJ Disorder At Sunny Smiles!

Until you do something about your issues with TMJ disorder, you can continue to struggle with jaw pain, headaches, and more! Sunny Smiles is prepared to examine you, find the cause of your troubles, and work to put you past your difficulties with this issue. To find out more, please contact our El Paso, TX, dentist’s office on N. Zaragoza Road at 915-849-9000.