How General Dentistry Helps You Keep Your Smile Cavity-Free

If you are taking the time each day to brush and floss, it seems reasonable to assume you are committed to avoiding cavities. To make sure you stay safe from decay, make sure you combine good daily habits with the preventive services offered at every dental checkup! By scheduling your semiannual dental exams and cleanings, you ensure that you will receive thorough teeth cleanings as well as reviews that can identify early warning signs of oral health problems. In addition to helping adults protect their teeth, we are also happy to provide pediatric dental exams to keep our youngest patients’ smiles safe and healthy!

The Importance Of Preventive Dental Appointments

Without preventive dental care, patients are vulnerable to oral health issues that can worsen over time and create real concerns for their well-being. You may not realize when a cavity begins to form, as the damage to your enamel may not cause you discomfort. By the time you start to feel that something is wrong, your tooth may already have enough damage to call for root canal therapy! While a small cavity still requires restorative dental work, we can address the damage to your enamel with a dental filling that restores your tooth’s health and appearance. Exams also help because your teeth have plaque and tartar cleared from them by your hygienist, which makes cavity troubles less likely to occur in the future.

Teeth Cleanings Remove Harmful Tartar Deposits

Tartar deposits can form a short time after plaque accumulates on teeth. When a plaque deposit hardens into tartar, it will become difficult to dislodge. Because your toothbrush and floss string will not be effective at clearing away tartar, you will need to see your hygienist to have the substance removed from your smile. When these cleanings take place on a consistent basis, they stop the accumulation of harmful substances from hurting your smile. In addition to causing dental decay, tartar can make you vulnerable to gingivitis!

We Also Provide Preventive Dental Care For Kids!

From an early age, we face risks from tooth decay. A child’s teeth will be protected by durable enamel, but they can be more vulnerable to cavities because they are still learning to take care of their teeth properly. One thing you can do to make sure your kids stay safe from decay is schedule regular pediatric dental appointments. In addition to the usual preventive services we offer all patients, we can help kids learn how to clean their teeth and why preventive care is so important.

Sunny Smiles Provides General Dental Services To People In And Around El Paso, TX

Sunny Smiles is ready to help patients of all ages stay protected against dental decay and gum disease! By consistently visiting us for preventive care, you can count on support against these threats to your dental well-being. To find out more about us, please call our dentist’s office on Dyer St at 915-859-7000.