Bring Your Concerns About Tooth Pain To Your Dentist

Ignoring tooth pain can be a mistake for several reasons. One concern is that until treatment occurs, you can have a difficult time going about your typical day while disregarding your discomfort, especially when you eat or speak. Another is that without the appropriate restorative dental work, your tooth’s health will worsen, leading to more serious consequences for your oral health. Sunny Smiles is ready to take care of individuals who start to struggle with tooth pain. In addition to resolving immediate concerns around your discomfort, we can make plans to restore your tooth’s appearance and dental function. When necessary, we can bring patients in for emergency dental treatment.

Are You Starting To Worry Because Of An Aching Tooth?

If your toothache is a persistent issue, or if it becomes difficult to ignore as you eat or speak, you can be understandably concerned. However, if you try to put off treatment in spite of your discomfort, you leave yourself vulnerable to more problems, including the potential loss of your tooth! Pain can occur when a cavity has led to the infection of your tooth, or it can be a consequence of a dental injury that affects your pulp, the tooth’s inner chamber where living tissues are contained. To address these issues, root canal therapy can be required.

Planning Your Restorative Dental Procedure

To address problems with advanced decay or injury that lead to infection, we can perform root canal therapy. This procedure will remove harmful microbes and damaged tissues in the central chamber of the tooth to stop pain as well as the continued spread of decay. Once this work is done, the pulp will be protected before work begins to restore the tooth with a custom dental crown. If you are having work done on a tooth that is more prominent when you smile and speak, we can recommend the placement of a crown made from substances that imitate healthy enamel.

Scheduling Urgent Dental Work

Finding it difficult to wait any longer for dental treatment? For severe pain, dental trauma, or problems with a loose or lost tooth, you can schedule emergency dental work. We are prepared to bring patients in on short notice when there are serious concerns about their oral health, or when they have an alarming degree of pain. Once you arrive, your dentist will set out to address the cause of your pain and plan the restoration of your smile!

Sunny Smiles Is Ready To Address Your Concerns About Tooth Pain

Sunny Smiles takes tooth pain seriously, and we want our patients to take their discomfort seriously, too! In the event that you have a problem with a sore or sensitive tooth, you can contact us to arrange the appropriate restorative dental work. To find out more, please contact our El Paso, TX, dentist’s office on N. Zaragoza Road at 915-849-9000.