Your Wisdom Teeth Can Push Against Neighboring Teeth

While tooth extraction is typically a last resort when it comes to restorative dental work, it is often the recommended treatment when there are problems with a patient’s wisdom teeth. People often lack space for their wisdom teeth, which can lead to problems when these teeth begin to erupt. One issue that you can experience is crowding, which results when wisdom teeth push their neighbors in and press them closer together. When your dentist sees that your wisdom teeth have progressed enough to be a concern, we can recommend having them removed before they create painful or worrying problems for your smile and oral health. To make sure you are warned in time to avoid complications from their arrival, stay consistent with regular dental exams.

The Arrival Of Your Wisdom Teeth Can Lead To Discomfort

When wisdom teeth begin to erupt, meaning they begin to push up and out of your gum line, they can press in and “crowd” neighboring teeth because there is not enough room for them. This is an uncomfortable experience, one that can worsen as teeth continue to be pressed by their arrival. In time, the pressure can lead to damage that calls for restorative dental work, and may lead to negative changes in the alignment of your teeth.

Arranging The Safe Extraction Of Your Wisdom Teeth

In order to safely remove your wisdom teeth before they begin to push against their neighbors, we can arrange an extraction to remove them before they arrive. This procedure can call for oral surgery, which allows access to the tooth before it has erupted and risen above your gum line. Once this is done, your gums will be cared for, and you can receive information to enjoy a comfortable recovery.

Regular Exams Lead To The Early Detection And Treatment Of Dental Problems

If you want to receive an early warning about problems like the arrival of your wisdom teeth, make sure you consistently see your dentist for regular exams. Your checkups will provide monitoring for the development of your wisdom teeth and protection against other issues that can arise over time. For example, we can identify and treat a cavity when it can still be addressed with a dental filling. Decay can worsen gradually without a person knowing something is wrong, which can lead to complications that require root canal therapy by the time they experience discomfort in their tooth.

Sunny Smiles Can Take Care Of Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

While problems with the eruption of your wisdom teeth can be concerning, and painful, the matter can be effectively addressed when you schedule treatment to remove them! To find out how our practice can help you, please call our Sunny Smiles office on N. Zaragoza Road at 915-849-9000.