We Can Address Poor Jaw Alignment Through TMJ Therapy

Injuries, inflammation, poor bite movement, and teeth grinding can all create problems with the alignment of your jaw joints. If your joints are no longer working well together, you may feel the effects of this tension in your face, jaw, head, and neck! TMJ-related aches and pains can be serious, and they can be a consistent problem throughout your day. If you show signs of TMJ disorder during a routine dental exam, your dentist can speak with you about treatment to reduce tension and stop pain. This correction is often made possible by the use of a custom oral appliance that gently holds your jaw in a more comfortable position while you rest.

TMJ Disorder Can Disrupt Your Quality Of Life

As problems with your jaw worsen, you can begin to struggle with the basic movements required for speaking, biting, laughing, and chewing. You may find that stiffness interferes with these motions, or that you are unable to move your jaw without discomfort. The tension caused by TMJ disorder can also lead to chronic headaches, facial discomfort, and pain in your neck. If your troubles are connected to nightly teeth grinding, you can wind up with dental damage to worry about in addition to chronic pain!

We Can Provide An Oral Appliance To Adjust Your Jaw Position

If your dentist determines that your jaw joints are not properly aligned, they can recommend treatment with a custom oral appliance. The appliance, when worn, will keep your jaw in a more comfortable position that encourages better alignment. Wearing this guard at night helps to gradually reduce tension and put a stop to the aches and pains you have been feeling.

Has A Teeth Grinding Problem Affected Your Jaw?

Bruxism, a habit of grinding your teeth at night, can occur because of unresolved problems with TMJ disorder, but it can also lead to the joint issues that cause it. When there is evidence of teeth grinding identified at a routine checkup, the matter can be addressed through a custom mouth guard that will keep your teeth safely apart while you sleep. Unfortunately, patients who develop this problem may not realize they need to speak to their dentist about it until they have problems with worn, chipped, or broken teeth! In these situations, we can determine if cosmetic dentistry or restorative dental work might be necessary.

Talk To Your El Paso, TX Dentist’s Office About TMJ Therapy

Your quality of life and dental health can be compromised by problems with poor jaw joint alignment. If you are showing signs of TMJ disorder, our practice is prepared to help! This is one of many problems that our office is ready to identify and address in the course of your preventive appointments. To find out more, contact our Sunny Smiles location on N. Zaragoza Road at 915-849-9000.