Regular Checkups Keep You Informed About Your Oral Health

How much information about your smile do you really need? Why is it a good idea to see your dentist for routine dental care when you have no symptoms of poor oral health? Without regular checkups, it will be difficult for you to know just how healthy or unhealthy your smile is. You may go in for routine care while feeling certain that nothing is wrong, only to discover a problem with dental decay requires restorative dental work. With regularly scheduled checkups every six months, you will enjoy early detection and treatment for problems that could form. You also enjoy support in the form of a teeth cleaning that removes harmful bacteria and food deposits before they can cause issues with your well-being.

Oral Health Problems Can Develop And Go Unnoticed

You may not know when a cavity first forms, but you can have a difficult time overlooking the problem once a tooth becomes infected. Cavities can develop and worsen steadily when no evaluations are occurring. By the time you are aware that you have a problem your dentist should review, you may already need root canal therapy. Timely treatment also matters if you want to avoid long-term complications with gum disease.

Give Your Dentist The Opportunity To Examine Your Smile

By regularly seeing your dentist, you ensure that your teeth are being checked for any signs of trouble that require restorative dental work. Cavities are a familiar problem, but one that should be taken seriously. At an exam, your dentist can identify a problem and recommend treatment with a dental filling before decay spreads further and causes complications. In addition to looking out for dental decay, your smile will be checked for signs of unhealthy gums, as well as issues with TMJ disorder and teeth grinding.

How Teeth Cleanings Keep You Safe From Health Problems

While we are prepared to deal with problems that have developed since a patient’s last visit, we also provide care to help patients avoid future problems. Every time you come in for preventive care, your teeth will be cleaned by your hygienist. In the course of this cleaning, plaque buildup and tartar deposits will be removed so that they can no longer put you at risk for decay or gum disease. Without this kind of care, you will be vulnerable to the effects of tartar, which can remain in place even as you try to clear deposits by brushing and flossing.

Schedule Your Next Routine Dental Exam At Sunny Smiles!

A regular dental exam at Sunny Smiles will help patients stay informed about their oral health. It will also provide timely intervention if you have any problems that have not caused painful symptoms (yet). To find out more, please contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.