An Impacted Wisdom Tooth Can Cause Big Problems For You

A person’s bite function depends on the presence of a full set of teeth. Even one absence can make biting and chewing difficult, which can lead to frustrating oral health difficulties. With that said, there is one important exception – patients tend to have their wisdom teeth extracted and not replaced. Many individuals lack the space for these teeth, which are the last to erupt. When they start to arrive, that insufficient space can cause them to become impacted, meaning their angle of arrival changes. If this happens, they can crowd neighboring teeth, and may even damage them! If you start to feel pain from the arrival of your wisdom teeth, you can make plans to have them extracted so that they do not create problems for your smile and oral health.

Is The Arrival Of Your Wisdom Teeth Causing You Pain?

If your wisdom teeth do not have enough space to erupt properly, they can shift, and their angled arrival can create problems for you. If they become angled, they can actually press in your neighboring teeth, causing them to become crowded while causing you pain. If you start to suspect that your wisdom teeth are the reason you are hurting, make sure your dentist knows. If you wait too long to have this problem addressed, it can lead to more oral health complications. By scheduling regular dental exams, you can receive early warnings about the arrival of these teeth, giving you time to prepare for their extraction.

Scheduling The Careful Extraction Of Your Wisdom Teeth

Our practice can work with you to carefully take out wisdom teeth so that they are not going to cause you any further problems. If necessary, oral surgery will take place so that we can access these teeth and remove them without creating new issues. While prosthetic dental work is typically discussed after the extraction of other teeth, there will be no need to have this discussion when wisdom teeth are removed.

What Happens After Wisdom Teeth Are Removed?

Your dentist will provide guidance on how you can manage discomfort and make sure you heal properly after your wisdom teeth are extracted. If the problem is caught and addressed in time, we can prevent complications that require additional services. However, if the impacted eruption of a wisdom tooth has damaged a neighboring tooth, we can examine it and determine what the right restorative dental treatment might be.

Talk To Sunny Smiles If You Are Worried About The Arrival Of Your Wisdom Teeth

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