How Dental Bridges Close Smile Gaps Left By Missing Teeth

You may have a hard time smiling with any confidence if you are worried people will see the gap in your smile left by a missing tooth. Tooth loss can take a significant toll on your confidence, but it also creates issues for your oral health. More losses can occur after an initial loss, and it can be difficult to bite and chew when you have to work around a gap, a problem that can lead to TMJ disorder. Through the placement of a dental bridge, your smile can be completely restored. The bridge is a permanent appliance, which means it will stay in place even as you rely on it to bite and chew food. When you have one in position, you can smile with renewed confidence, and you can enjoy a healthier dental function that allows you to enjoy foods that may have proven difficult to eat. 

Have You Felt Self-Conscious About Your Smile Since Experiencing Tooth Loss?

When you are aware that a smile gap left by a missing tooth is visible, you can have a harder time feeling comfortable with your appearance. That frustration can affect you socially, and it can negatively impact your self-worth. The cosmetic effects of tooth loss can certainly be frustrating, but the oral health issues associated with this problem are also a concern. Fortunately, a permanently placed dental prosthetic is capable of addressing these issues for you! You can also be happy to see that your custom bridge will be made with materials that make it a good cosmetic match for your surrounding teeth.

Arranging The Placement Of A Dental Bridge

With dental bridges, we are able to provide permanent restorations for missing teeth that do not require oral surgery. A bridge stays in place because it has support from a pair of dental crowns. The crowns, located on each side of the replacement tooth (or replacement teeth), will be affixed to the teeth surrounding your smile gap. This arrangement has proven stable enough to make bridges reliable for holding permanent appliances in place even as patients rely on them for bite support.

Dental Bridges Help With More Than Just Your Appearance

Dental bridges allow you to maintain a more natural, comfortable bite motion. Having even one missing tooth can create problems for you by forcing a change in the way you apply and release bite pressure. Working around that gap in your smile can lead to a buildup of tension in your jaw joints and muscles, which can create problems with pain and sensitivity.

Discuss Dental Bridge Placement At Sunny Smiles!

After losing even one tooth, you can experience frustrating problems with both your appearance and your oral health. Fortunately, these issues can be addressed with a custom dental bridge! To find out more, please contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.