3 Suggestions To Help With Cavity Prevention

Whether you have recently undergone restorative dental work, or just want to make sure you keep your smile cavity-free, taking time to think about your current oral hygiene routine can be beneficial. Because oral care is such a familiar routine, people sometimes overlook small changes in their habits that may have made them more susceptible to decay. Those slips can mean enjoying less protection for your smile, and a greater chance of having problems identified at a future routine dental exam. Taking time to recognize those shortcomings, and making adjustments to improve your routine, can help you continue to show off a healthy, lovely smile!

1. Make Sure You Replace Toothbrushes Regularly

Have you become too attached to a toothbrush? You should make a point of picking up a new one after three months, or to pick one up sooner than that if you see evidence of worn bristles before that point. If those bristles start to wear down, they become less effective at clearing away food debris and microbes when you clean your smile. If you are not able to remember the last time you picked up a new brush, or if your current brush is starting to look old, add this item to your grocery list and pick up a replacement!

2. Look For Ways To Improve Your Flossing Routine

Why does flossing make such a difference in your efforts to prevent cavities? Even if it is new, a toothbrush’s bristles can be ineffective at removing plaque and bits of food that gather between your teeth. Flossing on a daily basis will help you deal with this problem. One thing to remember is that effective flossing involves vertical motions. Bring the string all the way down to your gum line, and work over the bases of your teeth – this protects you against tooth decay while also helping you avoid problems with gingivitis.

3. Make Sure You Have Regular Cleanings To Fight Tartar Buildup

If you are not having your teeth cleaned by your dentist on a regular basis, tartar buildup is a concern. Tartar cannot be removed by your own brushing and flossing efforts. What this means is that when plaque deposits harden, they become a continued source of trouble for your teeth. Teeth cleanings are included as part of every routine exam. Those exams also help you because your dentist can recognize if a cavity has formed, then place a dental filling to restore the tooth before decay causes complications.

Sunny Smiles Can Help You Stay Safe Against Cavities

Our practice is prepared to help patients of all ages stay safe against cavity formation. In addition to providing care in the office, we are happy to help you recognize ways to improve your defense against decay during a visit. To learn more, contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.