Your Children’s Dentist Offers Guidance On At-Home Care

While you have many responsibilities when it comes to caring for your kids, you should know that you have support when it comes to teaching them to care for their teeth. At pediatric dental visits, they can be educated on the value of a healthy smile, and also on how to protect themselves against cavities. Sunny Smiles is proud to provide preventive dental care for patients of all ages. For our youngest patients, we offer both the traditional care provided to adults during dental checkups and assistance in learning how to brush and floss. This early guidance can have a long-term payoff, as it can better prepare kids to continue caring for their teeth when they are adults.

Are Your Kids Ready To Start Caring For Their Teeth?

You should be cautious when deciding whether your kids are ready to brush and floss on their own. Letting them begin at too young an age can have negative consequences, as it makes them more likely to develop poor habits and make mistakes. As a result, they can be more likely to have dental problems at an early age. It is typically a good idea to wait until they are six or seven before letting them perform these tasks on their own. However, helping them practice beforehand, and gauging their coordination, can be beneficial. You should also take the time to talk with them about the importance of these activities to help them recognize their importance.

The Benefits Of Regular Dental Checkups At An Early Age

While kids are commonly only ready to brush and floss for themselves by six or seven, they are vulnerable to cavity formation as soon as their teeth begin to arrive. You can protect them by cleaning their teeth at home, and by starting their pediatric dental appointments. At first, we can provide careful examinations and work with kids to make them comfortable in our office. Once they are old enough, we can start providing more traditional cleanings and evaluations. At these early importance, we emphasize the value of healthy teeth, and we offer early lessons on smile care that can pay off in the long term.

Actions You Can Take To Help Your Kids Protect Their Teeth

Just as you should be determined to avoid problems that require the placement of dental fillings or dental crowns on your teeth, you should take care to protect your kids against issues like decay. In addition to carefully cleaning their teeth, you can protect them by sticking to a healthy diet that limits their sugar exposure. This makes them less likely to experience decay, and it can make it easier to provide them a balanced, nutrient-rich variety of foods that support their overall well-being.

Set Up Dental Appointments For Your Kids At Sunny Smiles!

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