Tips To Help Your Kids See The Value In Good Oral Hygiene

Parents have many responsibilities when it comes to raising kids. Even as your children become more self-reliant, you have a valuable role to play as you prepare them to do more for themselves. Kids tend to have the coordination and maturity to start cleaning their own teeth when they are around six or seven. With the right encouragement and guidance, you can make sure that they are equipped with an understanding of why oral care is important. Of course, you can still play a role in helping them protect your teeth by checking in and modeling your own hygiene routine. Our El Paso, TX dentist’s office can also help with this, as we can take part of a pediatric dental exam to help kids learn to care for their teeth on their own.

Habits Picked Up At An Early Age Can Last

When you help your kids recognize that oral hygiene is important, they are more likely to take brushing and flossing seriously. Your guidance, along with regular trips to the dentist for routine care, can lead to better habits that extend into adulthood, which can keep them safe against cavities. Of course, if they develop poor habits at an early age, and do not have the opportunity to grow comfortable in the dentist’s office, it can affect their approach to smile care in a negative way!

Modeling Good Oral Health Habits For Your Kids

From one day to the next, your kids can learn by watching your own behaviors. If they are just starting to brush without your direct help, joining them to brush your own teeth while they brush theirs can give them a good example of what they should do to keep their smile clean. This also gives them a chance to ask any questions they have, meaning you can correct and clarify anything that has confused them. This also helps you by encouraging you to maintain a good routine, which means you are less likely to have problems identified during your own regular dental exam.

The Role Dental Visits Play In Keeping Kids’ Teeth Healthy

As much as your kids can count on you for smile support, they should still have regular visits to the dentist’s office. Children, like adults, are vulnerable to problems with dental decay. At exams, their smiles are closely checked for problems that might require restorative dentistry. These visits also give your dentist the chance to further instruct kids on good habits to follow at home.

Our El Paso, TX Dentist’s Office Helps Parents And Kids Maintain Healthy Teeth

You can bring everyone in your family for quality oral health care at Sunny Smiles! If you have questions about caring for your child’s smile, or if you need to set up an appointment for anyone in your family, please contact our El Paso, TX, dentist’s office on N. Zaragoza Road by calling 915-849-9000.