Dental Checkups Help With More Than Just Cavity Prevention

If you want to maintain healthy teeth, you need to take cavity prevention seriously. Even when the cavity is caught early and treated with a dental filling, the damage to your tooth structure is permanent. Of course, as important as it is to prevent dental decay, you also need to think about the other threats that can affect your smile and dental well-being. Gum disease, TMJ disorder, and other issues can cause trouble for your appearance and quality of life. When you schedule routine dental exams, our team is committed to helping you avoid or address a range of oral health issues. By doing so, we can make sure our patients remain happy with their smile and safe from threats!

Checkups Keep You Informed About Your Overall Oral Health

By attending checkups on a semiannual basis, you ensure that you will have consistent feedback about your oral health. While the check for cavities is important, it is one of several areas of concern that your dentist will touch on in the course of an appointment. The health of your gums will be evaluated, and if there are signs of gingivitis, a special periodontal cleaning can be performed. We can also talk with you about treatment for TMJ disorder or bruxism. These problems can negatively influence your quality of life over time, and teeth grinding issues in particular can lead to dental damage. Just as we can perform restorative dental work for a tooth damaged by a cavity, we are prepared to restore teeth that have been impacted by excess wear and tear from grinding.

Why Dental Checkups Also Include Time For Dental Cleanings

To help you stay healthy, we provide dental cleanings in addition to routine evaluations. Professional teeth cleanings remove harmful tartar buildup that can hurt your smile. Tartar deposits that have formed on your teeth make you more likely to experience problems with tooth decay and gum disease, so this removal is important, particularly because you are not able to clear away these deposits at home.

How Checkups Benefit Kids

Routine dental exams are helpful at any age, but there are certain benefits that kids enjoy that you should be aware of. When children attend dental exams at an early age, they have a chance to become comfortable with the dentist’s office, and with dental care. This can make them more likely to take their oral health seriously in the future. Checkups are also helpful because they give your dentist a chance to help kids learn good oral hygiene habits to practice on their own. Parents can also receive important feedback concerning developmental problems with their child’s oral structures that will need to be addressed.

Bring Your Family For Dental Checkups At Sunny Smiles!

Sunny Smiles is proud to help patients of all ages keep their teeth in good health! At regular dental exams, we offer cleanings and evaluations that help you stay on top of your oral care needs. To find out more, please contact our El Paso, TX, dentist’s office on N. Zaragoza Road by calling 915-849-9000.