Bothered By A Dull Smile? Ask About Teeth Whitening!

Your smile is something you should feel confident showing to the world. While you may have felt completely comfortable with your appearance in the past, changes in the color of your enamel may have already affected the way you feel. Teeth stains are a frustrating problem – even people who successfully avoid problems with cavities can observe a gradual change in the color of their smile. Your feelings of frustration can grow if you have already tried to address the matter with a store bought whitening treatment, which can have limited benefits. At Sunny Smiles, we are able to provide patients a more effective approach to teeth whitening. The take-home kit you are provided will include a personalized tray as well as potent (and safe) bleaching agents. When used as directed, these can give you exciting cosmetic improvements!

Different Issues Can Lead To Your Teeth Appearing Discolored

It can be difficult to keep track of the many products capable of staining your enamel. Drinks that are dark or rich in color like tea, red wine, coffee, and cola are able to cause the formation of stains. You also have to worry about the effects of different foods with dark or rich colors, as well as the impact tobacco use can have on your appearance.

In some cases, patients who look into teeth whitening can discover that a different cosmetic dental procedure is beneficial. This may be the case for you if you have problems with a dull smile that are caused by something other than stains.

Taking Home A Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

A professional whitening kit makes exciting cosmetic improvements possible while still letting you perform your treatments at home. You will receive a kit that includes whitening agents along with trays that help you apply these agents to the surfaces of your teeth. Using these materials on a daily basis to make your teeth brighter can lead to results that are hard to miss, as your enamel can look several shades whiter when you finish your applications!

Cosmetic Dental Services Offer Multiple Approaches To Brightening Your Smile

So what will you be able to do if you need to deal with other forms of discoloration? If necessary, we can review the benefits of using porcelain veneers or a dental bonding procedure to brighten teeth. Both of these treatments are effective for people who are bothered by intrinsic discoloration. Intrinsic discoloration refers to problems within the tooth that affect its color. This can be an issue after physical injury, after taking certain medications, or even from problems with fluorosis experienced as a child.

Discuss Teeth Whitening Treatment At Sunny Smiles!

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