Address Cosmetic Damage From Teeth Grinding With Veneers

Putting a stop to a habit of teeth grinding will prevent you from doing damage to your teeth, and it also reduces jaw stress that can lead to TMJ disorder. Your dentist can talk with you about early signs of a teeth grinding habit, often referred to as bruxism, and recommend treatment with a custom mouth guard worn when you sleep. For many people, treatment can take place before permanent damage occurs, but some will experience visible wear and tear, or even the formation of chips and cracks in teeth. If you are bothered by signs of dental damage linked to bruxism, porcelain veneers can help by hiding unwelcome changes in the shape or condition of your enamel.

How Has Teeth Grinding Affected Your Appearance?

One way to identify signs of teeth grinding is to look for excess wear and tear affecting a person’s teeth. If you have noticeable wear and tear on front teeth, it can be hard to hide the negative changes that this habit has caused your smile. Teeth that are worn can look misshapen and asymmetrical. Any chipping can draw unwanted attention that makes you self-conscious. While this damage may not be serious enough to call for restorative dental work, it can still motivate you to seek treatment to improve the way you look.

Scheduling Treatment With Porcelain Veneers To Restore Your Smile

Porcelain veneers only take up a limited amount of space on teeth, which reduces the amount of preparatory work that must be done to place them. At an initial appointment, your dentist will check on the condition of your teeth to see how severe wear and tear has become, and perform preparatory measures to ready them for veneer placement. In addition to measuring teeth, a small amount of work to make space for them can be performed. Once your veneers have been custom-made, you can have them bonded to the surfaces of your teeth to hide damage as well as discoloration, alignment flaws, and other concerns with the way you look.

We Can Make Sure Your Nightly Teeth Grinding Issues Are Addressed

If teeth grinding problems are not addressed, you can experience more than just cosmetic problems. In time, your teeth can be damaged badly enough to need dental crowns to protect them, and you may run the risk of experiencing tooth loss! To protect your smile while you sleep, a custom oral guard can be provided. Your guard will be carefully crafted so that it fits properly and remains securely in place.

Sunny Smiles Can Help You Restore Teeth Damaged By Grinding

If you have grown concerned about the impact teeth grinding has had on your smile, we can recommend the placement of porcelain veneers to restore your appearance. We can also provide a custom guard to keep your teeth safe against teeth grinding while you rest. To find out more, please contact our El Paso, TX, dentist’s office on N. Zaragoza Road at 915-849-9000.