A Root Canal May Be Needed To Restore An Injured Tooth

Until a dental injury is treated, you may find yourself frustrated at how sore or sensitive your tooth is. This discomfort is more than just a nuisance, as it may be a symptom of an infection or internal injury. Chipped and cracked teeth, or teeth that are partially broken after trauma, become vulnerable to infection, which makes root canal therapy necessary. At Sunny Smiles, we are prepared to help you by fully restoring the health of a tooth after damage occurs. In addition to caring for your tooth by providing a root canal, we can make sure it remains safe by providing a custom dental crown to protect it. When it is called for, we are prepared to bring patients in for emergency dental work.

Dental Injuries Can Lead To Internal Trauma And Pain

Dental trauma can cause more than just problems with the way you look when you smile! Injuries that cause internal damage, or those that expose you to infection by damaging your enamel, can lead to problems with infection. When harmful bacteria enter a tooth, the harm to the living tissues housed in your pulp can lead to you feeling pain, or experiencing heightened sensitivity. Letting these problems go without treatment can lead to the loss of your tooth, and may even allow bacteria to spread to other parts of your body! This is why problems with physical trauma should not be disregarded, and why you should not choose to delay treatment when you think something is wrong.

Scheduling Root Canal Treatment For A Dental Injury

To fully restore the health of a tooth, root canal therapy may be necessary. An initial evaluation can determine if there is a need for a root canal. The treatment will see your dentist carefully access the inner chamber of your tooth so that all unwelcome bacteria and unhealthy tissues can be removed. When performing this service, we can take care to minimize changes to your tooth structure.

Sometimes, problems affect teeth that have undergone treatment in the past. These situations call for retreatment, which simply means that care must be taken to address problems with a restored tooth. Our practice can provide this as well as root canal therapy for a tooth that has not had problems in the past.

Do I Need To Set Up An Emergency Dental Appointment?

Some problems call for your dentist’s attention with minimal delay. If you find yourself needing treatment on short notice, we can bring you in to perform emergency dental work. Remember that delaying treatment means giving bacteria more time to damage tissues and spread through your tooth, putting you at more risk for losing it.

Schedule Root Canal Treatment At Sunny Smiles!

We are proud to provide a range of oral health services to people in and around the El Paso community. If you need treatment for a tooth injury, even if that care is needed on short notice, please contact Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX by calling 915-859-7000.