We Can Resolve Toothache Troubles With Root Canal Therapy

It is easy to grow concerned about a persistent toothache. After all, the problem is hardly a comfortable one, and it can be a sign that something might be seriously wrong with your oral health. At our El Paso, TX dentist’s office, patients struggling with dental pain can come in for the appropriate restorative dental treatment. Pain and sensitivity are often tied to infections. Your infection could have been the result of an injury, or it can be connected to a problem with advanced tooth decay. Through root canal therapy, an infection can be removed, your tooth’s pulp can be sealed to avoid new problems, and your tooth can be restored in order to keep it safe and secure.

An Infected Tooth Can Cause Serious Discomfort

The symptoms of an infection are hard to miss, and often hard to tolerate. You may have frequent issues with pain that make eating and speaking feel awkward. You can also struggle with sensitivity, or develop a problem with swelling of the tissues around the tooth. It is important that symptoms of an infection be taken seriously. If you wait too long to have your tooth examined, the decay can be too serious to make saving the tooth possible.

Arranging Root Canal Therapy To Restore Your Tooth’s Health

Root canal therapy makes the saving of an infected tooth possible. Infections that form in the pulp, the central chamber of the tooth, do harm to living tissues. Over time, the microbes causing your infection will travel through the tooth’s roots to create further trouble for you. During your procedure, your dentist will carefully access the pulp before removing bacteria, taking care to clear away all infected tissues before sealing this chamber. After this work is complete, the focus can move to restoring the tooth. A custom dental crown will provide effective support through the years, and it can preserve your appearance by matching the look of your healthy tooth.

Tips For Preventing Future Infections

If you want to make sure your last tooth infection really is the last experience you have with this problem, make regular dental exams a priority. At routine exams, your dentist will be able to identify signs of dental decay before an infection forms, and treat the issue with a dental filling. You should also do your part to avoid trouble by consistently brushing and flossing so bacteria are not able to cause problems with decay.

Discuss Toothache Treatment With Your El Paso, TX Dentist’s Office

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