Count On Restorative Dentistry With Discreet Fillings

Can you really enjoy dependable restorative dental work with discreet, tooth-colored dental fillings? Should you feel confident in a restoration that matches your surrounding enamel? At our El Paso, TX dentist’s office, we can use these fillings instead of ones made from metal in order to restore your tooth as well as your smile. Made from composite resin, these restorations can actually bond with your enamel when they are put in place. That bonding process keeps space from forming between the enamel and the filling, so bacteria will not be able to form around them and create problems at a later time. The filling is strong enough to support the tooth so that you can continue biting and chewing without worrying you might hurt it.

Why Fillings Are Needed In Cavity Treatment

A dental restoration is needed whenever a cavity is restored. This is because cavities cause permanent damage – even when they are caught early, the harm they do is not reversible. Because of this, your dentist will place a filling or dental crown in order to stop further problems from affecting it. Fillings are the more conservative treatment option available to patients. With a dental filling, the damaged area can be restored while surrounding enamel is left alone.

Using A Discreet, Tooth-Colored Filling To Restore Your Tooth

Because we offer fillings made from resin, we can actually bond the restoration directly to your tooth. This service is performed after the decayed area is removed and prepared for this placement. Once the filling has hardened and bonded, it can be difficult for others to notice. Even if a cavity forms in a prominent area, you will not have to worry about your treatment changing the way you look.

We Also Offer Lifelike Dental Crowns For More Serious Decay

While some form of restoration has to be placed when you have a cavity treated, a filling will not be appropriate after every restorative procedure. When the damage is too severe for a filling to be effective, we can recommend the placement of a dental crown. A crown covers your tooth completely so that bacteria are kept out. In addition to protecting you against an infection, it will provide functional support so that you can bite and chew without problems. Crowns are needed when a cavity requires root canal treatment, and they can also be used to restore teeth that are chipped or cracked.

Talk To Your El Paso, TX Dentist About Restorative Work With A Discreet Filling

At our El Paso, TX dentist’s office, patients who experience cavities can be relieved to know that we offer discreet, lifelike dental fillings. When placed, your restoration can protect your tooth without compromising your smile! To find out more about our services, you can reach our Sunny Smiles office on Dyer Street by calling 915-859-7000.