3 Reasons You Should Stay Consistent With Dental Cleanings

holding up 3 fingersWhen you think about what an effective oral hygiene routine should consist of, you should recognize the importance of consistency. In order to keep plaque and tartar buildup from impacting your well-being, you should floss at least once a day, and brush at least two times. You should know that consistency is important for more than just daily care. Unless you are told to do something different by your dentist, your routine dental checkups should occur every six months. One reason for this is that you receive a professional teeth cleaning at these visits. A cleaning performed by your hygienist can do more than just fight a day’s worth of bacteria and food particle accumulation. When your smile is cleaned at this appointment, tartar buildup that resists brushing and flossing will be removed.

1. A Dental Cleaning Will Remove Tartar Buildup

Tartar buildup is something you can prevent but not remove on your own. Without your hygienist’s help, any deposits of plaque that harden on teeth will remain to create problems for your smile. Visible deposits are unattractive, and hurt the quality of your appearance. Because tartar contains harmful bacteria, this buildup makes you more likely to develop problems that require restorative dental work.

2. Your Hygienist Protects You Against Gingivitis

There are symptoms of gingivitis that you can identify during your daily routine. Bleeding gums, swollen or discolored tissues, and a change in your gum line can all indicate that you have a problem. You can fight gingivitis at home with your daily care routine, and a periodontal cleaning can be arranged if symptoms of gingivitis are present at your next routine evaluation. With that said, your regular cleanings will help you avoid this condition by removing the tartar and plaque that are already built up at the base of teeth.

3. These Sessions Help You Lower Your Cavity Risk

Dental fillings and dental crowns are needed to protect teeth when cavity treatment has been performed. Through daily and professional preventive care, you can avoid problems that call for restorations by keeping harmful microbes off your smile. Just as tartar removal makes you less vulnerable to gingivitis, it will make you less likely to have problems with decay that require treatment at a future appointment!

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