Emergency Care For Cracked Teeth

cracked toothWhen a tooth is cracked, this isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Even a minor fracture could be an emergency situation that requires immediate attention! In today’s blog, your El Paso, TX, dentists will discuss the dangers of a cracked tooth, and how we often correct the issue with a root canal procedure. We even have a few tips to safeguard your smile against future injuries!

The Dangers of a Cracked Tooth

When a tooth is fractured, this could run down the length of your tooth, even moving below the gum line, and expose not only the inner dentin to harmful bacteria, but the bundle of living tissues known as the pulp too. As a result, a tooth could develop a cavity, but also a severe infection or abscess that may threaten to cause serious discomfort and even the loss of your tooth. When you sustain an injury, let us know and consider scheduling an emergency visit. Afterall, many cracks in teeth are practically invisible to the naked eye, meaning you may not know they’re present outside of an exam!

Root Canal Therapy and Other Possible Solutions

If your damage is very minor, we may repair it in one visit with dental bonding, using the same lifelike composite resin as our tooth-colored fillings. We could also create and place a crown. However, if a tooth is infected, then our team may suggest a root canal. The procedure involves administering a local anesthetic and possibly sedation, before opening the tooth to access and remove infected tissues. Next, we clean the inside of the tooth and add a restorative filling material. Finally, we cap the tooth with a lifelike dental crown. Your tooth looks natural and avoids the risk of worsening discomfort or tooth loss.

Protecting Your Smile

To help prevent further injuries, be sure you wear a mouthguard when you play sports. We can help by custom-making them, so they fit your smile perfectly and reduce the risk of minor and severe injuries. Try to avoid chewing on hard objects, like ice, pens, or pencils. Be sure you practice good oral hygiene, as preventing decay and infection keeps your outer structure strong and less likely to become injured. If you have any questions about how we repair cracked teeth, or if you have one that aches or is broken or chipped, then please contact our team to learn more about our approach to emergency dentistry and restorative dental care.


At Sunny Smiles in El Paso, TX, our team is ready to address common emergency situations. For more information on our restorative treatments, then contact our N. Zaragoza dental practice by calling 915-849-9000.