Root Canals Provide Relief From Dental Infections

When a cavity is untreated, or a tooth is cracked or broken, then a painful infection could soon arise. Without treatment, this oral health issue could mean a chance of tooth loss. However, your El Paso, TX, dentists can actually offer a little relief for those suffering from infection with a safe and comfortable root canal procedure.

The Warning Signs of an Infected Tooth

In the center of your tooth sits a collection of living tissues known as the pulp. The pulp keeps your tooth alive and functional, overseeing the flow of blood and nutrients to and from your tooth. The pulp is surrounded by dentin, and then protected by an outer layer of powerful tooth enamel. However, when an injury damages enamel, or poor oral hygiene weakens and erodes it, this allows cavities to form in the dentin and eventually, reach the pulp. Once bacteria come into contact with your tooth’s nerve center, an infection develops! Warning signs include toothaches, sensitivity, serious pain when you eat or bite down, and swelling near the tooth or a discharge from it.

Root Canal Therapy

If you encounter one or more of the warning signs mentioned above, let us know. As part of our approach to emergency dental care, we can see you and offer a root canal to halt your oral health issue and restore your smile. After we administer a local anesthetic and possibly sedation, we will open the tooth to remove the infected tissues. We then clean the interior and fill the tooth with a restorative material, before capping it with a custom-made crown. Not only do our crowns look material, but they safeguard the tooth against further injury or infected teeth. You can smile with confidence once again, and avoid worsening discomfort too!

How Do I Avoid Infections Altogether?

While accidents happen, for the most part routine homecare can help prevent issues like decay or infected teeth. For example, when you brush twice a day for two minutes, or floss nightly before going to bed, you help remove food particles and reduce the risk of plaque buildup and cavities. Consuming foods and drinks without high amounts of sugar is also helpful! These actions are crucial for not only avoiding infection, but ensuring better breath and brighter teeth too. If you have any questions about our approach to emergency dentistry or restorative care, if you have pain in one or more of your teeth, then contact our team today to schedule a visit.


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